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The fifth Emergency Service

If you’re of a certain age, you may recall the marketing campaign by the AA (Automobile Association, not Alcoholics Anonymous) that they are effectively the fourth emergency service, after the fire service, police and ambulance.

When they began that campaign, cars were more prone to breakdowns and were not as reliable as nowadays, where car manufacturers routinely bundle in emergency breakdown cover and, in the case of certain Korean manufacturers. five and seven year warranties.

Power supplies have become as reliable too, but a power outage can be more damaging financially than a car marooned on a hard shoulder on some family trip to Southport or further afield.

Times have changed.

Look at broadband.

The days of people using slow dial up or 3G are over. 4G is common as is fibre optic broadband in businesses and homes, with 5G and Augmented Reality about to launch in Birmingham, Britain’s second city.

No matter what sector you’re in, Pleavin Power can become your fifth emergency service, whether you’re in agriculture, pharmaceuticals or utilities.

Just like the AA, RAC, police, fire and ambulance services, we pride ourselves on being reactive in our responses – with us, 24/7 is not a neat soundbite – it’s our modus operandi. You can read Our Promise to you here.

Whether you’re looking for ad hoc maintenance work or a longer commitment, Pleavin Power, based on Merseyside, can help you and your business function properly to save you time and money.

Power outages cost money, big money, with figures from the US claiming that a large business can lose $100,000 per day! Not an insignificant amount?

Moreover, a survey from E Source states: “Only 30 percent of customers gave their utilities high marks for using advanced technologies to quickly pinpoint outages, making appropriate investments in the power grid, and communicating with customers during outages.”

Our customers rate Pleavin Power highly – want to know more?

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