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Acoustic Solutions

When operating in low noise sensitive environments, an acoustic generator solution may be the best solution for you. Here at Pleavin Power, we recognise that a standard generator enclosure may not always suitable.

Our acoustic engineers have experience in all aspects of plant room, and container design, ensuring that the right solution is supplied for you.

As well as offering protection the generator, our acoustic solutions guarantee that personnel working in the vicinity are protected from excessive noise, vibration and the risk of fire. Our solutions are also designed to include protection from the weather, security risks and enhances safe access and ventilation. Our products include:

  • Standard close fit Canopies
  • Bespoke close fit enclosures (canopies & containers)
  • Bespoke walk around enclosures (canopies & containers)
  • Existing plant room installation
  • Exhaust silencer and flue supply & installation


We can also offer optional extras for your acoustic solution including, but not limited to; motorised louvres, louvres, bird mesh, filtration, AC/DC lighting, fire protection systems, special paint finishes, custom exhaust silencers and fuel storage solutions.


We can also provide various solutions to the problems presented by air induction noise through the use of various forms of annular or rectangular intake silencers. These can be made in an appropriate size to suit the characteristics of the flow system. The available designs vary from the simple annular ‘clean straight-through’ acoustically packed intake silencers such as the FP type, or designs with a central pod or annular splitters such as the FPC or FPS types. These units can be placed between the engine and the corresponding filtration unit, resulting in a further lowering of the residual noise.


For plant room installations, we can provide you attenuators that allow the generator to receive the correct amount of ventilation required to be able to operate to its full potential.

We can also offer a full range of noise reducing solutions; these include acoustic louvres that provide excellent sound attenuation, including a full range of fixed blade weather louvres and motorised weather louvres.

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