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Control Systems and Infrastructure Upgrades

As an alternative to purchasing a completely new power system, an option is to upgrade or refurbish an existing system. Our experienced in-house team ensures that any system upgrade is trustworthy and continues to produce a reliable power flow.

Our experienced and qualified team also has the capability to completely strip and rebuild any engine from basic generators, through to twin bank diesels and CHP units – in line with our certified quality assurance procedures.


Components used in the refurbishment of an engine are to the manufacturer’s OEM specification. For older models where replacement parts are unavailable, a reconditioned part may be used but will remain set to a manufacturer’s OEM specification.

As well as individual parts, we also specialise in the factory reconditioning of sub-assemblies, including; crankshafts, nodal damper couplings, cylinder heads, water pumps, oil pumps, fuel pumps, fuel injectors, turbochargers, connecting rods and intercoolers.


With access to our full suite of product stores, overhead crane and quarantine area, our expert team can undertake refurbishments to engines and alternators as well as upgrades to control panels, cooling systems, fuel systems and acoustic solutions too.

To find out more about any upgrade of refurbishment works we can do for you, Get in touch with us today?

Control Systems
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