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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Diesel Generator Servicing & Maintenance


How long will the machine be unavailable during maintenance?

You should allow anywhere between two to four hours for maintenance to be completed, this will cover enough time for most major tasks to be undertaken within a reasonable time frame. If anything other than routine maintenance is being undertaken you should always consult with the technician for timeframes before taking the machine offline.

How long should the machine run during weekly checks?

It’s always good to allow the machine to reach its operating temperature which is between 70-80 degrees whilst checking for leaks, defects, or issues this can take around 10-20 minutes. If you are unable to apply more that 40% load to the generator it’s best practice not to run the generator more often than a couple of weeks to reduce light loading and wet stacking.

How regular should my generator be serviced?

Generators have different requirements depending on operating hours and application, to understand more about generator requirements check out our generator servicing page.

Why does my generator smoke heavily?

There are a number of reasons generators can smoke, the engine starting from cold can cause over fuelling and heavy white smoke until it warms up. Blue smoke can indicate your generator has turbo oil seal issues or heavy black smoke can indicate over fuelling or be an indication of overloading. Either way, if you have concerns about the smoke your generator is producing it’s best to have it checked by a specialist.

Why has my generator not got any output?

Generators will shut down and protect the user if there is a serious electrical issue or electrical output failure, if your generator is running it can indicate that the output is good and electricity is being generated. This will mean that you have an outlet protection issue such as a tripped MCCB, ACB or Breaker, if all of these items seem ok it’s best to consult with a specialist.

Why does my generator not start?

There are a number of reasons your generator might not start this could be low battery voltage, low or no fuel, poor fuel quality, control system issues. It’s best to consult with a specialist should you have any of the issues mentioned above.

What oil does my generator take?

There are many different grades of oils for many different types of engines, if you have your generator information to hand, contact a member of our team for advice.