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Fuel Installations

Here at Pleavin Power, we offer a comprehensive fuel installation and design service. Each installation is individually processed and manufactured to PPG regulations, ensuring that the environment is protected against spillage and leakage.

Our in-house design team are experienced in both above and below ground applications and an after sales service includes annual inspections. We are also available to provide the following fuel installation facilities:

  • Design, installation & supply
  • Bunded flexible or steel pipe work
  • Risk assessment and installation reporting
  • Old tank/fuel waste removal
  • Pressure testing
  • Fuel tank design and installation service
  • Spill kit supply
  • PPG training
  • Emergency response
  • Temporary fuel tank hire
  • Fuel tank inspections to legislative requirements
  • Environmental storage impact/risk assessment service

For more information on our comprehensive fuel design and installation services, Get in touch with us today?