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Anyone who handles your generator repairs should be fully qualified with the right experience this is to avoid breaking the generator completely and avoiding violating health & safety protocols that could lead to you seriously harming yourself or others around you.

An example of this is when your fuel filters suddenly become blocked, there is a chance this could lead to contamination which is harmful not only to the generator but to yourself. This can all be avoided by organising regular maintenance and repairs for your generated by a qualified person.

There’s a wide variety of generators that we deal with at Pleavin Power and all these different types of generators will run on an independent power source such as diesel, gasoline, biofuel and hydrogenated vegetable oil or as it’s known for short HVO.

This means there could be a whole lot of reasons why your generator needs repairing. It could be simple like a battery failure or something a bit more complicated than only a qualified person would be able to fix.

When you use electronic devices for a long period, they start becoming more prone to failure and the same goes for power generators. When you keep on top of regularly doing servicing and repairs, we can instantly spot any signs of wear & tear and fix them as soon as possible to avoid your generator from breaking down.

To avoid losing the warranty by your generator manufacturer, make sure you are sticking to the guidelines. Not repairing and servicing your generator could lead to your warranty being voided.

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Generator Servicing Bolton

It’s key that you are getting your generator serviced by qualified experienced personnel to help you save money by getting the most out of your power generator. Avoiding servicing can see your generator breakdown due to not looking at any possible signs of damage from use, these repair fees could end up costly leaving you out of pocket.

Generators aren’t equipment that you should be looking to service yourself without any qualifications due to the complex nature of the equipment. Our specialist team will follow the necessary process when it comes to servicing your generator. If you are looking for generator servicing in the Bolton or nearby area then our specialist team is on hand to assist you.

Our generator servicing includes many different maintenance services from functional system tests to make sure everything is in order, load tests and mains failure tests. All the equipment done under our maintenance is up to our high Pleavin Power standard and will reach the SLA agreements agreed upon.

SLA agreements that you make with us will involve site visits whether that’d be a monthly basis or a weekly basis depending on what suits your needs better. The services included will be running thorough checks and inspections, functional testing and periodic sampling.

Just like a generator in a blackout, we’ll always be here to rely on when you need us to help. Being near the Bolton area, you can guarantee a speedy arrival for you and your generator based on the time frames you have set with us.

One of our main philosophies here is making sure health & safety is always followed strictly so we aren’t putting any of our members of staff at risk, you and any other members of the public.

Generator Hire Bolton

Pleavin Power has a large array of power generators available to hire around Bolton and areas nearby to customers and businesses from all sectors. People and companies decide to hire out generators if they are planning to only use them for a one-off outdoor event, your business address or your home in the case of a power cut shortage. If this is the case, it makes more sense to hire than to purchase a generator.

Our power generators start from 30kVA to 2000kVA, this allows our clients to find the perfect amount of watts for you to power your appliances. Many generator models are quiet when are active to avoid any noise complaints while being very efficient with fuel.

Our generator hiring deals are flexible to your needs with long-term rentals and short-term rental contracts. This means that you can hire a generator that meets your requirements whether you are hiring a diesel generator, gas generator, hybrid generator and even the necessary generator equipment – for example, cables ranging from 50m to 500m that come with power locks for a secure connection. We’ve got you covered.

If you are worried about your grid going down, we’ve got transfer panels to hire meaning you won’t ever have to worry again about downtime affecting you. Our double storage tanks for hire can help increase the runtime on your generator if you are planning to use it for a further amount of time.

Due to our reputation as one of the UK’s leading generator hire and generator hire equipment, we’ve helped many happy clients in the Bolton area. Please contact our support team for more information on all the high-quality services we offer.

Generators For Sale Bolton

If you are a business that is planning to host a lot of outdoors events this year or if you are just being responsible and purchasing a generator in case of any unexpected blackouts in your household then you’ve come to the right place to purchase a top-quality generator. It’s always good knowing in the back of your mind that you have a backup generator in case of a power cut!

The problem is if you’ve had no experience with generators, then it’s hard to know what exactly generator you are looking to purchase that’ll suit your situation. That’s why we have a super support team on standby that’s always happy to chat about power generators.

We pride ourselves on our wealth of knowledge and that can help point you in the right direction when purchasing a power generator. Our knowledge and support have led us to become one of the UK’s top power generators providing many happy clients in Bolton.

If you are looking to purchase a generator or if you are a business looking to purchase a generator then we have loads of models from portable generators, powered generators and even hybrid generators which have risen in popularity over the last years.