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If the unfortunate happens to happen then don’t worry. We offer a high-quality generator repair service across Leeds, there can be several things that can cause a generator to suddenly need repairing whether that’d be a battery failure or just due to being overused.

These are two common reasons we come across in the industry, most repairs that we do on generators can be easily avoided by getting regular generator service as we will be able to come across any underlying problems that may arise.

Generator repairs require trained professionals like the ones here at Pleavin Power to operate and successfully repair your generator. We highly recommend that you shouldn’t do any repairs on your generator if you aren’t sure what you are doing due to the risk of injury to yourself or your employees.

We’ve helped successfully repair all types of models such as diesel generators, gas generators, biofuel generators and even HVO generators. Due to there being a variety of generator models available out there, different types of models will require different types of repairs.

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Generator For Hire Leeds

Our cost-effective generator hire service in the Leeds area can help you get out of some unpleasant situations that you may find yourself in, there could be several reasons why you are searching for a generator hire service whether your building has all of a sudden had a power failure, your generator happens to stop working correctly or you are just looking to power an event such as a wedding. We provide a quick affordable generator hire service that is hassle-free to get you the power that you need.

The generators that we have on hand that you can hire can range from 30kVA to 1600kVA plus they also include 8-hour fuel tanks with them so you can be ready for any situation. We are also able to offer you more fuel tanks as well as generators depending on your current situation which will elevate the current efficiency of your generator to something much higher if needed.

Many people reach out to us regarding larger units to power their appliances & buildings, so you’ll be happy to know if you’re on the market for something bigger than our generators that come with synchronising capabilities. The largest packages that we have available go over 10mVA.

We understand that some people are on the market to hire a generator for different periods whether that’d be a short-term contract or a long-term contract, we have got you covered. We offer both options depending on your current needs meaning that we are the perfect generator hire company in Leeds and we can get you up and running in little time!

Generator Servicing Leeds

One of the most important aspects of keeping your generator in a top-quality condition is reaching out for generator servicing. When searching online, you may find a bunch of companies offering service but not many can come close to our cost-effective high-quality servicing experience here at Pleavin Power across Leeds.

Generators are not pieces of equipment that you can just pick apart and examine if you’ve had no previous experience or qualifications dealing with them. It can lead to you either harming yourself or others around you plus further damaging the generator which can be more costly down the line. That’s why you must save yourself the drama and get it done correctly by professionals like the trained friendly staff here at Pleavin Power.

The trained experts here will be able to conduct tests and services such as changing engine filters, checking & sampling fluid levels inside the generator and fully going over the control system so we know it’s working correctly.

The reason why fluid levels needed to be checked inside the generator as it is an industry-standard that must be followed meaning that you should replace your fluids after every three years or after 500 hours of it being used. This is why we will check the fluids which can involve sampling them plus monitoring their current levels and if it needs replacing we will replace them for you.

Other main points need checking when dealing with a generator servicing such as checking the batteries CCA to make sure it’s working with no problems. Other checks that will need to be done are the engine, alternator heaters, storage, operation and many more. We hold everything to the Pleavin Power standard meaning that we will make sure everything is checked and working at the best it can be.

This means inspecting the control system, the connection and its functional operation. If it has been three years since your last engine thermostat changed, then it’s recommended that this be done immediately.

When we are servicing your generator, we may also do some tests such as a thorough load-bank test to guarantee that your generator can fulfil over 70% of rated loads for some time such as four hours.

Not only does your engine thermostat need to be changed every three years but it is recommended that your drive, auxiliary and fan belts should either be adjusted or changed as well. Here at Pleavin Power, we can easily accomplish all recommended checks and replacements on your generator that are needed.

Another common reason we see is generator fuel filters becoming blocked, do not leave them like this and reach out as soon as possible to get them repaired as leaving them blocked can cause them to become contaminated which will more than likely become even more damaged down the line.

To avoid generator repairs from happening then you must be scheduling regular service and maintenance with us as the majority of breaks & failures that happen with generators are due to not servicing your generator every month.

Generator For Sale Leeds

Trying to find the right generator for sale in the Leeds area? We can help provide you with the correct generator based on your needs, it can be hard to know exactly what generator you need especially with all the models plus features that can seem confusing when you’ve never previously purchased a generator.

We’ll be able to identify what generator you need, by reaching out to our support team and giving them the details on your current needs. We will be able to tell you what generator from 3kVA to 3000kVA is best for you.

The generators that are for sale are all paired with the relevant fuel tank to ensure that your generator lasts for a longer period. Not to mention there are also a variety of power tools available to purchase, check out our selection today.