Unit 3, Thursby Road, Woodway Court, Bromborough, CH62 3PR

Last Week at Pleavin Power

Emergency Service

24/7 Fuel Services

With a continuous success, Pleavin Power team have been working out of hours delivering fuel services around the clock. We launched 24/7 Fuel Management a little over a week ago and the demand has been immersive. The team aims to respond immediately and provide fuel for any emergency situation in the hours of need. We want to thank for all the support we have received so far as that is what keeps as going and encourages to provide the best service nationwide.

Planned Maintenance

Team on the deployment last week at the glass factory for Dynamic Mechanical, where we supplied, installed and commissioned the same system over two years ago. We were carrying out the planned routine, maintenance and load testing ensuring the critical 750kVa is ready for when the grid next has a wobble. In the meantime, the team have been Load testing and completing Pre-delivery Inspection on the new Cummins machine at the HQ. It was reconfigured for single phase operation and prepared for delivery.

Rail Emergency

Our Reactive Response team where called into action earlier in the week, when a rail customer had onboard generator failure. That was due to blocked fuel filters and diesel bug. Because of the installed system, the train manufacturer use a very specific chemical to deal with this issue and deploy the additive when needed. We where tasked with mixing of the chemical agent and finding a way to get the chemical into the trains onboard tanks and fuel system whilst replacing the generator filters and restoring operation to the hybrid power system. With some careful planning and execution, Pleavin Power have successfully competed the job and handed the train back over to the operator in a 48 hour window.

Service and Maintenance

Over the week, Pleavin Power also provided the clients with planned Service and Maintenance of critical assets ensuring the equipment is always ready for action. Carrying out routine tasks, adjustments, component replacements as well as routine testing allows a clear picture of the equipment health. This way, failures are prevented and uptime is maximised. As a result, our customers see and have the real benefits of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) maintenance procedures.

Emergency power

Together with Enerpower Ltd, Pleavin Power managed to deliver power within hours during the weekend. However, business is not always glamorous as our LO57 PWR lost all the power on Sunday. Thankfully, after five hours of trying to fix and repair, Crouch Recovery came to help us. These issues now have a big impact on the following week. As nationwide specialists, we simply have no choice but to keep going forward and providing the service we stand for.