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Load Bank Hire

load bank hireDo you need to hire a load bank to test a power system or unit?

We have a wide variety of equipment, solutions, and products to meet your needs.

A load bank will tell you everything you need to know about your power system, from capacity to autonomy or load acceptance. A load-bank will be used to apply load to generators, UPS systems or an alternating current power source with different systems available to support both resistive and reactive power testing requirements. 

Whatever the purpose of your test, Pleavin Power has the equipment, knowledge and resources to support you; with units supporting a capacity of up to 6Mva and the ability to link multiple units together, our testing capabilities are limitless. 

Our Range of Applications:

  • UPS ( Uninterruptible Power Supply) Testing 
  • Testing, Commissioning and verifying new power system installations
  • Black start validation and commissioning 
  • ISO 8528 Verification, Block loading and transient response performance 
  • Optimising generator performance and longevity 
  • Routine maintenance verification for standby power systems 
  • Switchgear validation 
  • AVR and Governor set-up 
  • Battery discharge and autonomy testing 

Resistive and Reactive Load Bank Testing 

Our extensive selection of portable load-bank equipment can support and perform both resistive and reactive power testing requirements, testing of generators, power supplies and UPS handling voltages up to 480V/11Kv and 6Mva each. 

These units come with a variable power factor for testing at unity or variable ratings. Multiple units can be linked together for large scale applications and come with all the ancillaries you will need.

You can hire a load bank for large scale data centre commissioning through to small scale backup generator servicing and maintenance. 

Whether testing, compensating or commissioning, our load-bank rental team has the solution, all available nationwide 24/7 365.

With the perfect rental solution for every application or situation, please speak to a member of our technical team to start planning your power testing hire requirements today.