At Pleavin Power, we host a wide range of ComAp products to choose from. The ComAp battery charger is the most popular option we have available. A battery charger is a device that is specially designed to push electrical energy through to a secondary cell (or various battery types) to recharge them. 

Different types of rechargeable batteries respond to different types of charging – it is imperative to know the required charger(s) you need. 

We also provide an input/output card that can drive up to 4 proportional valves and uses 4 additional binary inputs. The OV (GND) terminal is internally wired with battery minus, whereas the 12-24V (+Ubat) terminal is wired to battery plus power supply of the InteliDrive Lite controller. 

Browse the selection of ComAp products we have available today to find what you need.

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