Pramac Generator

At Pleavin Power, we host a wide range of Pramac generators to choose from. Pramac generators are known for their reliability and overall quality. They have cemented themselves for their consistently high levels of quality and efficiency all the way back to 1966. 

If you are looking to use these Pramac generators in a professional setting – the Pramac range is hard to top. Offering a wide range of solutions: open and soundproof gensets up to 275kVa with multiple configurations available. When you are looking for protection against a grid outage or you need to face the rigors of a construction site – these Pramac power generators are the right solution for you. 

If you require a generator for leisurely things such as camping or other recreational activities – even if it’s to power your home then you can’t find any better than Pramac. They combine versatility, performance and security. Browse our selection of generators that we have available today to find the right one for you.

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