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Your duties as an event organiser

Event organisers, contractors and others using electrical equipment must do all that is reasonably practicable to ensure that electrical installations and equipment at an event are properly selected, installed and maintained so as not to cause death or injury.

What you should know

The following guidance will be useful and should be read in conjunction with GS50.

Note: GS50 outlines the risks and your legal duties and general advice on managing electrical safety. It also gives more specific advice on ways to prevent electrical danger at fixed electrical installations.

Guidance: Planning and managing temporary electrical installations

Consider the following:

  • Layout (performance areas, traders, public areas, access routes etc)
  • Power requirements
  • Details of and access to any mains (utility) power supply
  • Location of any existing overhead power lines or buried cables
  • Environmental conditions
  • Electrical environment as defined in BS 7909
  • Emergency power requirements
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