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Last Week at Pleavin Power

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REmote control

Our engineers have installed a remote mimic panel to provide our client with remote control and remote viewing of generator parameters. Remotely monitoring the operation of a generator power system can help to reduce downtime and inefficient operation. Due to the nature of the application the system was built and tested off site before being installed out of hours.

Supply Chain

Unfortunately, any business operating in the industrial engine or generator industry at the moment is experiencing the supply chain issues. In the middle of the week, Pleavin Power urgently needed replacement of lift pumps for a Cummins engine and could not get any of them worldwide. Instead, we purchased the equivalent from a newer model, while L&S Mechanical helped us adapt them in less than 24 hours. Therefore, having the right people in place to support key supply chain issues is imperative and ensure end to end solutions can be delivered around the clock.

Critical Power

Our team attended a large NHS data centre to complete planning for black building testing, the team are working on temporary power package, load bank testing and a schedule of works ahead of undertaking the works in October.

Workshop with Interflon

Pleavin Power was visited by Interflon team, who demonstrated their latest product offerings of lubrication solutions. Pleavin Power has been using some of Interflon performance lubricants and cleaners for some time now and were always impressed with the quality and performance of the products. Therefore, Interflon provides Pleavin Power with effective cleaning for use of variety of surfaces.

Load Testing

Pleavin Power takes a very disruptive approach of Generator Servicing, as a result, offering a Maintenance Service that is very detailed. The team assess the systems prior to offering support and identify areas of concern. In addition to that, highlight any existing issues, and provide suggestions for improvements. The new generator on fleet has been load tested, to test performance and reliability.

Filming for Toolstation

Pleavin Power had an opportunity to tell the Toolstation more about the business and what it has taken to be where the company is today. Jack Pleavin, the Director & EPG Specialist, spent an afternoon sharing about his passion for the industry and his early days. Pleavin Power Limited has become a recognised market leader and is proud to be featured on the Britain’s fastest growing suppliers of tools, accessories and building supplies. Follow us on social media to hear the full story coming out soon!