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UPS Solutions

A UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply is designed to bridge this gap allowing time for your systems to shut down and time for a generator to take load or mains electricity to return.

A power failure is not only inconvenient, but it could result in the failure of sensitive equipment and/or loss of valuable data. It may just be that your process or application can’t stand any power break at all. Depending on your back up system a standby generator usually takes around 20-60 seconds to start-up and begin taking the load, which effectively means that there is no power for this period of time.

Our experienced installation team has helped every type of business, from general office environments, through to high-end data centre installations and major NHS hospital installations – a place where quality and reliability cannot be compromised.

The UPS division offer hire, installation, service, maintenance and emergency repair of any UPS unit and are covered through a 24/7 manned emergency call centre, helping to ensure a rapid and reliable response.

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We also offer support on new installations, complete design and service, commissioning and decommissioning, repairs, spares and site surveys. To find out more about our additional UPS solutions, get in touch.

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