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How To Prepare For Winter Power Outages In The UK This Winter

How To Prepare For Winter Power Outages In The UK This Winter

If you have read Sky News recently, you may have come across an article stating that up to six million homes could face winter power outages, this is due to Russia cutting off supplies to Europe. That means there may be a limit to the industrial use of gas, which could show electricity being rationed amongst homeowners in the UK.

This is possibly a scary thought for some homeowners especially if you have never had any power outages before in your home, people often take for granted everything running in your home smoothly and once it is gone it can set panic in the home for various amount of reasons.

That’s why you must be always prepared for situations like this if a power outage arises in the winter. Some various tips and tricks can help you prepare for these winter power cuts ranging from different price points. Having this ready on hand for your family means you can go through any power outages without panicking and feeling unrest.


Have Food & Drinks Stocked

A necessity that you should always have prepared is food & drinks for your household. If there is a power outage inside your home, your fridge and freezers will be completely out of use which will cause the food to, unfortunately, spoil which if unprepared can leave you with no food inside your home.

To be completely on the safe side, make sure to stock up on bottled drinks & shelf-stable food. Depending on what you can use to cook your food during a power outage will decide on which food will be best for you to purchase.

The usual which people buy to stock up during a power outage will be canned food, cereals, powdered milk and easy-to-eat food such as nuts. Remember if you have an infant, it’s very important that you stock up on baby food and formula!


Have Warm Clothes Ready

A big problem with your power going off is that it can leave a home very cold which means that you will need to wrap up to stay warm. Wearing a few layers of cosy clothing inside your home means the cold won’t be as harsh and you can handle the power outage a lot better.

If you can stay stylish during a power outage and remain warm then props off to you but your main focus should just be purchasing clothes that are warm and can keep you toasty during a power outage. Clothing should be items such as chunky sweaters, big socks, thermal pants to go under what you wearing and accessories such as beanies & gloves.


Gather Necessities To Use

When a power cut hits, there is a high chance that lights will go off. That means it’s time to revert to the old ways by using candles, flashlights and even radios so that you can listen to the current situation.

That means as well that you should have a good stock of batteries tucked away in case you need to bring out the flashlight. When it is dark unless you have X-ray vision, it is very hard to know exactly where you are going plus communicate with other members in your home.


Block Any Drafts

All doors must be shut during a power outage but you can lose well-needed heat inside your house through gaps in the door plus windows. To get more heat inside your household seal these drafts up as best as you can.

A quick and effective way you can seal any pesky drafts in your home is to roll up towels and fit them so that the gap is fully closed.


Keep Gas In Your Car

Even during a power outage, sometimes life needs to go on as if nothing is currently happening. That means you still might have to travel to certain places whether that’s to another household to help out elderly family members affected by the power outage in your area or even to work if you must be there.

Gas stations rely on electricity to pump cars so if there is a power outage in your area and your local gas station is affected then there is a high chance that you won’t be able to fuel your car to get anywhere. It can be hard to know when a power outage is about to happen to time have extra fuel in your tank so it is best in the wintertime to always be prepared for it.


Get A Portable Generator

By far the most effective way that you can stay prepared during a power outage and go about your business as if nothing is happening is by purchasing a portable generator for your household.

Depending on the size of the portable generator that you buy, you can find generators that can power your whole home such as a standby generator or you can find extremely powerful portable generators that can power a lot of appliances in your home to keep it running smoothly.

There are a lot of models of portable generators on the market such as diesel generators, gas generators, HVO generators and many more. That means it can be hard to know exactly what generator will be best for your current situation.

Portable generators help give that well-needed security during a power outage and be one of the most popular choices of equipment to have on hand when it comes to any potential power cuts in an area. While it’s impossible to know when a power outage is about to happen, having a generator can help you be prepared.

Here at Pleavin Power, we are one of the UK’s leading authorities on portable generators, by reaching out to our support team we are more than happy to point you in the right direction on which portable generator will be best for your current needs and budget.

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