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VeloxServ Data Centre Support

The Problem

VeloxServ, an independent UK Data Centre & Server Hosting company, found themselves facing significant challenges with their previous critical power provider. Poor communication and maintenance services were hindering VeloxServ’s ability to ensure the reliability and efficiency of their critical power systems. Recognizing the need for a change, VeloxServ sought out a new partner to take over their critical power services and provide the support they required.

The Solution

Our team emerged as the chosen solution to address VeloxServ’s critical power needs. Upon being engaged, we wasted no time in springing into action. The first step involved scheduling a comprehensive site survey to assess the existing critical power systems and identify areas for improvement. Subsequently, our team embarked on a series of major servicing activities, including load banking, inspections, and overall maintenance across the entire critical power infrastructure.

With a commitment to excellence and reliability, we entered into a 3-year contract with VeloxServ, solidifying a long-term partnership. As part of this contract, we pledged to provide round-the-clock support, ensuring VeloxServ’s critical power systems remain operational and efficient 24/7, 365 days a year.

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