Diesel Generator Fuel Polishing & Diesel Defence Systems

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Cleaner Fuel for Optimal Generator Efficiency

At Pleavin Power, our expert team strive for an efficient and continued operation for all our clients. We understand that a clean fuel to a diesel generator is absolutely essential. That is to say, if diesel has been stored, unused or left uncirculated for a lengthy period of time – it can become contaminated. Furthermore, contamination is usually in the form of water, fuel tank deposits and has likely been an issue since the introduction of biofuel bacteria. 

Pleavin Power offers a wide range of Diesel Generator fuel polishing services that aims to remove all contaminants. For instance, taking care of the fuel, returning it to its former state and bringing it back into operational ISO specification. In short, we do this using state-of-the-art techniques – including chemical treatments and multi-stage filtering. As a result, this not only removes any unwanted particles but is also kind to the wider environment.

Most importantly, regular fuel polishing and a routine sampling programme also ensure that a Diesel Generator will operate at maximum efficiency for longer periods and minimal disruption from contaminated fuel deposits. 

Certainly, where routine sampling, polishing and continuous, monitoring is deployed – considerations should be made for the permanent installation of fuel recirculation units. That includes carefully considered levels of filtration and contamination detection. Most importantly, these systems can be designed, installed and commissioned based on your individual site requirements and fuel storage systems.

The Pleavin Power Standards of Fuel Cleaning

Above all, we are qualified, industry-leading, extensively experienced power technicians: 

  • Our technicians are familiar with behaviour and protocol when working on Critical Uptime sites. 
  • Decades of power system related experience. 
  • Each of our technicians is literate in the OFTEC standards.
  • Approved vendor status with most FMs and government facilities. 
  • Security clearance for even the most sensitive sites. 
  • Additive dosing and fuel stabilisation are delivered by our technicians prior to leaving every site. 
  • Safe contractor(s) & CHAS approved
  • Our field teams are supported by our in-house industry experts, project managers and engineering teams operating nationwide.

Reporting you can trust:

  • Each of our expertly trained operators has the equipment to obtain fuel systems and quality samples. We can give you your results there and then – followed by a laboratory report and advice. 
  • Our field teams are supported by specialist chemists, fuel experts, project managers and engineering teams. 
  • We also provide a 6-month sampling and trend analysis.