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Generators are complex pieces of equipment that should only be handled by trained professionals. Given that these professionals are trained, they have the best experience when it comes to servicing your generator correctly.

Our specialist team at Pleavin Power is fully qualified and boasts years of experience. When it comes to power generators, our high-quality process will guarantee your generator(s) remains in top condition and works correctly.

Should you undergo a level of maintenance yourself, it does not entirely guarantee that your generator is staying in the best condition it can be in, but it does have a notion of being cost-effective. This perception is false as not undergoing effective generator servicing can lead to costly breakdowns that could result in you spending thousands on a new generator altogether.

A lot of generators that are affected by breakdowns could have been easily avoided by using a generator servicing company such as us at Pleavin Power.

Health and safety are one of our top priorities and when we are servicing your generator you can guarantee that we are following every protocol. We run an exhaustive search to identify any potential problems with your generator and resolve the problems as soon as possible.

Should you be based in Blackburn and surrounding areas, we can arrange service visits tailored exactly to your needs on a monthly or quarterly basis. These visits come with a range of services from inspection to functional testing. As we are based in Blackburn and Lancashire, we are conveniently placed to reach you and your generator.

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Generator Hire Blackburn

Should you be looking to hire a generator for yourself or your business around the Blackburn area, here at Pleavin Power we hire out a range of generators suited to your needs. If you are looking to use a generator on a one-off basis, then it’s definitely in your best interest to hire a generator instead of opting to purchase one.

Our services include both short-term rentals and long-term rentals. We offer this because it assists our clients to find the most flexible solution to their problems. We have a wide range of models to choose from, such as diesel to hybrid generators that are available to hire.

At Pleavin Power, we have a wide range of generators to choose from. Whether it be from 30kVA – to 200kVA. Regardless of your needs, we have the solution for you. In addition, you won’t have to worry about any loud noises disturbing you and the area around you as we provide quiet generators that are also fuel efficient.

Not only do we have top-quality power generators available for hire, but we can also provide you with the relevant generator equipment that you may need. This includes cables that start from 50m to 500m so that everything is set up perfectly for your generator. Our cables also come with added security such as power locks that create a safe connection.

If you are looking to run your generator with a bit more power, we’ve also got double-bundled storage tanks available to hire. These will help boost the runtime of your original generator and if you are interested in transfer panels we offer a hiring service so that you won’t have to worry if your grid happens to suddenly go down.

We’ve built up a solid reputation in the Blackburn and the Lancashire area over the years by being one of the best and most reliable generator hire and generator hire equipment for businesses as well as for personal use.

If you want to hear more information about our services, do not hesitate to reach out. We’re always happy to talk about how we can help you.

Generator Repairs Blackburn

We understand that there’s nothing more annoying than when your generator is experiencing difficulties. After all, we rely on our generator for any unexpected power cuts, therefore, it’s key that we resolve any issues with your generator as soon as we get the chance.

A possible problem can occur with generators over time – this being blocked fuel filters. Leaving an issue like this can cause your fuel to be contaminated, which is a massive safety issue for yourself, employees and anyone using the power generator.

An issue such as this should be rectified by trained professionals who have the relevant training and qualifications such as the team at Pleavin Power. You don’t want to run the risk of potentially injuring yourself by attempting to repair your generator and even breaking the power generator altogether.

Failing to follow the guidelines set by the manufacturer of your generator can lead to your warranty being voided. Hence, it’s in your best interest to regularly service your power generator by experts to avoid losing the warranty on your power generator.

The more you are using your power generator, there is going to be increased chances of it breaking down due to constant use similar to most appliance equipment. We can help identify any possible signs of wear & tear due to overuse, we can also address this very quickly without any fuss.

There’s a variety of possibilities that can cause your power generator to stop working for obvious reasons like a battery failure or something very complex that only someone with vast experience in generators can spot.

There’s a large array of power generators available. In addition, these different types of generators will all require separate types of repairs based on what gas they use, the size of the unit etc.

Generators For Sale Blackburn

If you are looking to purchase or hire a power generator for an event such as a wedding marquee, parties, or bouncy castles among other reasons. There are many reasons why you or your business may require to buy or hire a generator.

If you are unsure what generator is best for you or what is currently available, our customer service team is always willing to chat and provide you with the information necessary.

We pride ourselves on the quality service we provide our clients which has awarded us with a solid reputation as one of the UK’s top power generator providers across Blackburn and the rest of the United Kingdom.

We don’t just sell to private customers, we’ve helped many businesses from hospitals to offices. Our wide range of quality generators can help you find the ideal generator to power your appliances and equipment.