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If you are searching online to hire a generator in the area of Bradford, you’ve come to the right place. There are a number of different reasons that you may be looking to hire out a generator whether you’re running an outdoor event such as a marquee wedding, powering your home in a sudden power outage or quickly needing to replace a generator that’s broken down unexpectedly.

We’ve got short-term and long-term contracts available when you are hiring your generator, we have these in place so you can find the right contract based on your situation.

Our generator hire can help you get out of any unwanted circumstances while being cost-friendly, the generators we have on hand for you to hire can range from 35kVA all the way up to 1600kVA with eight-hour fuel tanks ready so you’re prepared.

If you are requiring a fuel tank that needs more to increase the efficiency of the generator, we’ve got you covered. There’s a fine supply of fuel tanks that you can hire with your generator.

Planning to hire a large generator? Then you’ll be glad to know that they have synchronising capabilities with our largest package exceeding 10mVa. Pleavin Power is one of the UK’s most reputable generator specialists so if you are based in Bradford, we are based nearby allowing us to get your generator running for when you need it!

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Generator Servicing Bradford

Generators are equipment that should be handled and dealt with by experienced professionals that know what they’re doing when it comes to servicing and doing maintenance on generators. Failing to get your generator correctly serviced on a regular basis can be a costly mistake as it can lead to your generator potentially failing by not picking up on faults before they are serious and will breach your manufacturer’s warranty by not following the guidelines.

Our generator servicing in Bradford involves a range of tests to make sure your generator is up-to-date such as mains failure tests, load tests and functional systems tests. These types of tests can range depending on what model your generator is whether that’d be a diesel generator, hybrid generator or petrol generator we can help provide the right maintenance.

We follow a top standard here at Pleavin Power, all the equipment that we test will be benchmarked to this high-quality standard and we will make sure it reaches the SLA agreements. These SLA agreements involve tasks such as regular servicing & maintenance for your generator, this can be weekly, monthly or quarterly visits depending on what your needs are moving forward.

All of our staff here are trained and follow health and standards when dealing with your generator for their own safety and others around them. Whatever task is on hand, they will be sure to deal with it safely, and efficiently and inspect every last detail to make sure that nothing is missed.

Generator Repairs Bradford

If your generator fails, you could be left there thinking to yourself ‘what now?’ A generator is supposed to be a piece of equipment that you can rely on in tough times so having it suddenly fail can be daunting. No need to worry, we’re only a quick call away.

If you are located in the Bradford area and your generator happens to fail then Pleavin Power is your most trusted & reliable expert to help on the matter. We’re known nationwide for repairing generators in a quick effective manner while also being very affordable in our prices.

There are many reasons why your generator could need repairing due to there being so many generators available on the market. There are different reasons based on different types of generators e.g. if your generator is powered by diesel, a repair might be completely different than a generator that is powered by biofuel.

A way to get ahead of the curve and avoid having to contact us for getting your generator repaired is regularly getting your generator serviced, a big reason why generators often fail is that they aren’t serviced regularly. If you are getting your generator serviced regularly, we can spot any potentially fatal faults that could arise in your generator beforehand and stop it.

When we are dealing with a repair, we follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid losing your warranty while always following the health and safety protocols in the book. Our experienced team is always on hand to ensure that any arising generator issues you may have are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Generator For Sale Bradford

It’s always extremely handy to have and own a generator, there are many occasions that you could need one e.g. a power cut in your home happens or if you want to power regular outdoor events but if you’ve had no experience in generators, it can be a very hard task to know where to start on purchasing one.

Reaching out to our friendly customer service team at Pleavin Power, we will be able to answer any questions & queries that come with purchasing a generator and give you a better understanding of which generator will be best for you based on your needs.

There’s a wide range of generators for sale that we have here whether that’d be a portable generator or a standby generator. We have portable generators that are diesel, gas and many more.

These generators that are available range from as low as 3kVa all the way up to a massive 3000kVA as well as coming with the relevant fuel tank that pairs with the generator.

Not only do we have generators for sale but we also sell many power tools, battery chargers and power supplies if you need a new one. Contact us today and we can help find out what your situation is and make the best decision based on it!

Pleavin Power is one of the UK’s leading generator specialists that have helped hundreds nationwide, whether you’re looking for a short-term or long-term hire or purchasing a generator for you to own indefinitely in the Bradford area, we can help you.