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Generators are intricate pieces of hardware that will need to be looked at and repaired with a pair of specialist eyes & hands, it takes years of experience to successfully repair a generator without any problems and it shouldn’t be recommended that you try to repair your generator by yourself as you run a high risk of possible injuring you or others around you and you can even further damage the generator to the point it may not work anymore which will leave you out of pocket.

One way you can avoid having to reach out to us for a generator repair is by scheduling regular servicing and maintenance as spoken about before as we’ll be able to identify any potential underlying problems and fix them accordingly so the problem doesn’t grow further causing your generator to break.

There are several reasons you could require our generator repair service from battery failure, overuse or even blocked fuel filters. If you have blocked fuel filters then it’s highly recommended that you speak to us as soon as possible as having a blockage can lead to contamination which will damage it further down the line.

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Generator Hire Bristol

We have on hand a wide variety of cost-effective generators available to hire in the Bristol area, they start at 30kVA and go all the way over 1500kVA. You will be able to hire a generator based on your needs to power your appliances or building, if you are unsure about what generator would be the best for your current situation to hire then reach out to our support team who are always on hand to listen to where you currently stand and we’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

There are a lot of different things you may need to hire a generator for whether you are preparing for a potential power cut in your local area or you are going to go on a family camping trip and need to power certain appliances to make the trip easier, they are incredible pieces of reliable equipment. We’ve successfully provided hundreds of generators to happy people across the UK including the Bristol area and pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality and effective generator hire service.

If you are looking for either a short-term hire or a long-term hire, don’t worry we cover both and can offer generators based on the short-term or long-term meaning we are completely flexible when it comes to our hires. We offer both term contracts as we want people to be able to get the right high-quality generator for the right amount of time for an affordable price.

Our generators come with eight-hour fuel tanks but if you are needing a larger fuel tank size we can hire them out as well-meaning you can run your generator more efficiently if need be. If you are planning to hire out a bigger-sized unit, you’ll be glad to know that they come with synchronising capabilities and the highest package that we offer can go over 10mVA.

We have built up a solid reputation as being one of the leading authorities in the United Kingdom when it comes to generator hire due to our top cost-effective service, if you are requiring to hire out a generator for some time in the Bristol area then don’t hesitate to speak to our team today!

Generator Servicing Bristol

It’s crucial that you are getting regular servicing and maintenance done to your generator. Our top-rated cost-effective generator servicing in the Bristol area can help keep your generator performing at its best and save you money & time in the long run.

Generators even as reliable & steady as they are, still come with the possibility of failure and knowing exactly if it’s close or when it’s going to fail can be difficult to say but with the right experience & knowledge, you can be able to spot major potential errors that are underlying and quickly repair or change what needs to be changed. All types of generators are complicated pieces of equipment so if you want the job done correctly without any problems then it’s best & highly recommended that you reach out to someone with trained hands such as the team here at Pleavin Power.

There are many different areas that you’ll need to cover from checking the fluids inside your generator correctly which may include sampling them and then replacing them if need be. It is vital that you are changing the fluids inside your generator every 3 years or after 500 hours of use.

One of the main processes that you need to do when servicing your generator which we will take care of is making sure that the battery CCA is working correctly without any problems including its charge and capacity rate. We’ll also handle tasks such as checking the alternator heaters as well as the auxiliary fuel system, storage, and operation.

Your drive, auxiliary and fan belts must be re-tuned or if need to be replaced every three years, we can guarantee that when using our generator service & maintenance it is held to our high Pleavin Power standard which means we’ll cover everything to a top standard.

Generators For Sale Bristol

We don’t just hire out generators but we have also a top range of generators for sale in the Bristol area from powerful diesel generators, gas generators and even standby generators.

It can be hard knowing exactly what you are looking for when it comes to generators as there are so many models that run on all different types of fuel so to make your buying experience as smooth and easy as possible, speak to our friendly expert team who can make sure you purchase the correct generator based on your situation.

The generators that we have for sale range from as little as 3kVA all the way up to 3000kVA, all the generators that we sell will be paired with the relevant fuel tank so it runs as efficiently as possible.