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There are many possible reasons you may need to hire a diesel generator. You could be experiencing sudden power failures either in your home, your business or if the worst happens to strike and your generator suddenly becomes unusable. There is no need to worry, we can supply you with a brilliant generator hire service suited to your needs.

Not only is our generator hire service a high-quality experience but it is one of the most affordable options on the market. We’ve got a variety of generators available for you to hire from 30kVA up to 1600kVA equipped with 8-hour fuel tanks so that you are always ready, if you are unsure what generator is best for you to hire then we have a friendly support team that’s always on hand who can listen to your current situation and point you towards the correct generator.

We don’t just stop at hiring out generators but we can provide you with a fuel-tank hire service that can help boost the efficiency of your generator. If you are looking on the market to be hiring a generator that is a larger unit, you’ll be happy to hear that our largest package surpasses 10mVA.

We offer both long-term and short-term contracts depending on your current needs meaning our service is fully flexible for people who are on the market for a generator.

Pleavin Power has helped many people across the United Kingdom including London which has made us one of the leading authorities in the generator hire market meaning if you reach out to us, we’ll have you powering your appliances in no time with our generators!

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Generator Servicing London

When browsing online for generator servicing, you may come across a few options but we can easily say that our affordable generator servicing & repair service is the go-to option in the London area. We have a southern-based operation centre meaning we are close to London and its surrounding areas. This allows us to provide quick and efficient service when it comes to generator repairs and servicing.

You must not attempt to either service or repair your generator by yourself with no qualified experience. A generator is a very complicated piece of equipment with many parts meaning only a person with trained hands and qualifications should be looking for and repairing your generator. All of our staff here are equipped and trained to service and repair generators whether you are looking to get your generator’s engine filters changed or its fluid levels checked, we will be able to quickly sort and assess any aspects so you can get the full worth out of your generator.

In regards to generator servicing, there are many processes and tasks that you need to undertake for your generator to remain and operate in the best condition it can be in. One of the processes that we undertake is checking the fluids that are in your generator so which means seeing what levels it’s currently at, testing the fluids plus replacing them if need be. It is a practice standard that you replace the fluids in your generator every three years or every time it’s been used for 500 hours.

One of the main aspects when it comes to generator servicing is conducting tests to see if the battery CCA is working correctly as well as the capacity and charge rate. In addition to these tests, we’ll also run an in-depth check of the engine, alternator heaters, fuel system, storage and many more.

Generator servicing will also include doing checks on the control system, the connection and the functional operation. Another standard practice in the industry that we recommend is replacing the engine thermostat after every three years, we will perform this procedure in our generator servicing.

We are also fully capable of fine-tuning the engine values and as well safely replacing all the systems such as oil, air and fuel. Which should be looked at by professionals every six months. Our servicing will do a load-bank test to make sure that your generator is capable of at least 80% of rated loads for a time of four hours.

The generator’s drive, auxiliary and fan belts should be revamped or changed every three years of having your generator. When you reach out to get your generator servicing from Pleavin Power, we’ll make sure that we check and do any repairs needed for you.

Generator Repair London

Like anything in the world, sometimes the unexpected can happen to the things most reliable to us such as a generator suddenly being out of the use or needing a repair. While we recommend here at Pleavin Power on arranging to get your generator regularly serviced so we can spot any potential failures beforehand and fix them as generator repairs can be very difficult to repair.

We’d love for generators to be as simple as doing a quick reset on your iPhone to get it working again but like servicing, generator repairs should only be done by qualified individuals with experience in fixing them like the staff here at Pleavin Power.

There is a wide range of generators that are available to purchase and hire such as gas generators, diesel generators, biofuel generators and even HVO generators so that means when you are looking to repair whatever model generator you have then it might require a certain amount of attention compared to the rest.

There are a few reasons why a generator may suddenly become out of use – a big reason we found here when repairing generators across the UK is that there is a sudden battery failure which can often be avoided by seeking generator maintenance.

Many other reasons may be because of overuse of your generator as like most equipment if you are using it regularly at high power then it is at a higher chance of suddenly breaking down. You may also come across blocked fuel filters, a bigger blockage inside your generator can lead to contamination.

If you don’t comply with your generator’s manufacturer’s guidelines then it is more than likely that you will lose the warranty for your generator. As we said before, many repairs can often be avoided by getting your generator regularly serviced as we can find potential faults before it worsens and fixes them which saves you time and money in the long run.

Generators For Sale London

Looking to purchase a generator? It can be hard to know exactly which model is most suited to your current needs and situation. By reaching out for a quick chat with our friendly support team we’ll be able to assess your current situation and recommend the best generator for you.

We have a wide collection here available for sale from standby generators which are more suited to construction sites, business offices and even some homes or we have portable generators from diesel to petrol.

These generators can range from as small as 3kVA up to 3000kVA, we can also provide the relevant fuel tank with the generator that you purchase. This means that the generator can run at its best ability for a longer time.