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If you’re not ready to commit to purchasing a generator, you can instead hire a quality generator from Pleavin Power. This is especially useful if you plan on using a generator for a short amount of time and don’t require a generator permanently.

Regardless of whether you need the generator for a week or several months at a time, we can help you with our flexible contracts. If you need hybrid generator hire, diesel generator hire, or even generator equipment, we can provide you with what you need.

Our generators are both quiet and fuel-efficient. We also provide equipment when necessary, such as cables that range from 50m to 500m, along with power lock connectors for an extra-safe connection.

In addition to the above, we also provide storage tanks to increase the run time of your generator, as well as transfer panels to ensure no downtime in the event of a power failure.

Pleavin Power is on hand to help you with your generator needs, whether it be Manchester generator servicing, repairs, or if you’re looking to buy or hire a generator. Contact us today to speak to one of our friendly representatives and discuss your needs.

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Generator Servicing Manchester

If you have a generator and use it fairly often, your generator must be serviced regularly. Failing to get your generator serviced can not only breach the manufacturer’s warranty but also be a costly mistake.

Generator servicing can identify any faults with the generator. This means that the generator will remain in top-notch condition. Generators are complicated pieces of machinery, although having them regularly serviced can ensure that they last longer.

As they are complex appliances, generators should only be serviced by qualified and experienced hands. At Pleavin Power, our team of experienced engineers can service your generator with the utmost efficiency. Regardless of where you’re based in Manchester, we can provide you with the best generator servicing services.

Our generator maintenance services in Manchester and surrounding areas include a variety of tests, including mains failure tests, load tests, and functional system tests. Whether you need hybrid generator maintenance, diesel generator maintenance, or petrol generator maintenance, we’re here to help.

Our dedicated team will ensure that your equipment is benchmarked to the Pleavin Power standard, ensuring that it reaches our SLA agreements.

The Pleavin Power SLA agreements involve regular maintenance for your generator – quarterly site visits that include periodic sampling, functional testing, and precise inspections.

At Pleavin Power, we’ll identify and resolve any issues and conduct any checks while prioritising health and safety. Whether we’re checking the alternator winding insulation or the condition of the rotor, we’ll be safe, thorough, and efficient.

Even modern generators will need generator repairs, which is why we make sure that we carry out the best possible services and repair assistance in not just Manchester but the rest of the UK as a whole.

Generator Repairs Manchester

When your generator fails, you may be left clueless and not sure what to do next. Don’t worry; we’re here to help. Pleavin Power is your local go-to for generator repairs in Manchester and the surrounding areas, and we’ll get your generator up and running in no time.

There are countless reasons why your generator may break down, and often the cause depends on the type of generator. For example, whether your generator is powered by gas, diesel, biofuel, or HVO.

One of the main reasons for generator breakages is a lack of service. Ensuring that your generator is regularly checked and serviced can prevent further issues down the line, particularly a complete generator breakdown. It can also save you money, as larger repairs will be more costly than a small generator service.

Your generator may also need repairs due to something as simple as overuse. The more you use a piece of equipment, the more likely it is to break down. The same applies to generators; although getting your generator regularly serviced can help identify any issues, it will need repairing if it breaks down.

If you notice anything wrong with your generator, you must get it repaired as soon as possible. In many cases, the issue could worsen and cause more damage further down the line. For example, if your fuel filters get blocked, the fuel could end up being contaminated. This can usually be avoided by having your generator serviced.

When using, servicing, and repairing generators, health and safety are key. As previously mentioned, generators are complicated machines, and only experienced hands should deal with them when it comes to repairing them. At Pleavin Power, we take health and safety seriously and will conduct the relevant risk assessments and follow due process when repairing your generator.

It’s important that only professionals and qualified personnel deal with your generator. Manufacturers’ guidelines should always be followed to avoid breaching the warranty. At Pleavin Power, our team of qualified and experienced engineers can ensure that your generator issues are resolved in a timely and efficient manner while taking into account the manufacturer’s guidelines.

It’s not just generator servicing and repairs that we offer at Pleavin Power. If you’re in the market for a new generator or simply want to hire one, you’re in the right place.

Generator For Sale Manchester

Generators are extremely useful to own, especially in the case of an emergency. Whether you need a generator for your business, for an event, or simply to power your home off the grid.

We have a wide range of generators for sale at Pleavin Power, from hybrid generators to portable generators, as well as generator accessories, equipment, and other generator products. We have low-voltage 3kVa generators available, going up to an impressive 3000kVa as well as their fuel tanks.

Have a chat with our friendly customer service team; they can give you all the information you need to find the perfect generator to suit you and your needs.

Pleavin Power is one of the best generator service providers in the UK, providing quality, effective, and affordable generators to those living in and around the Manchester area. We don’t just sell generators; we can also hire them out. Whether you need a short-term hire or a long-term hire, we can help you with a variety of contract lengths.