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Generators are highly-reliable pieces of equipment but like anything in the world, they are prone to the odd failure once in a blue moon. There is one way that you can avoid your generator from unfortunate failure and that is finding the underlying problems before and quickly fixing them with our top regular generator servicing & maintenance that way you can keep your generator in its the best condition so that you can get your full money worth over time.

You shouldn’t attempt to repair or service your generator by yourself as they are complex pieces of equipment that require a specialist pair of hands and eyes to look at them to see what problems you may be facing.

Our trained experts are on hand can provide the best generator service, we’ll make sure that we cover every aspect such as changing the engine filters, checking the fluid levels and inspecting the control systems plus many more. We’ll make sure that we leave no stone unturned.

It’s key that you are checking the fluids inside your generator plus sampling them and even replacing them if need be as it’s recommended that you change your fluid levels every three years or every 500 hours of operation. One of the main things that we’ll take care of when servicing your generator is checking the battery CCA – we’ll examine the capacity and charge rate.

We will need to inspect the control system correctly, the connection and the functional operation. Like your fluid levels every three years, it’s an industry standard that you replace the engine thermostat which we can take care of.

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Generator Repairs Nottingham

Through generator servicing, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll run into needing your generator repaired but if the time ever does come when you are requiring your generator to be repaired. We can swiftly identify the problem and fix it efficiently so that you can start using your generator again. Generators aren’t easy to repair as a quick off and on but you’ll need specialist hands that can take care of the generator repair without injuring or possibly damaging the generator completely.

With so many generator models on the market that run on different types of fuel such as gas, diesel, HVO and biofuel. So different types of generators will require a different type of service compared to others. One of the main reasons that a generator could potentially fail is battery failure but if your generator has stopped working then it is best to reach out to our team who can come see the problem and fix it accordingly.

One of the other main reasons that we come across is overuse, the more that you use a generator frequently it has the higher chance of ultimately failing like anything but if you get your generator serviced frequently by us, we will be able to keep it in top condition and seriously reduce any potential failures and the need to get a repair.

If you aren’t complying with your generator manufacturer’s guidelines, you run the risk of losing the warranty completely which can leave you out of pocket. So make sure that you contact an expert team such as Pleavin Power who can take care of that without any hassle on your part.

Generator Hire Nottingham

There are various reasons that you could be on the market looking to hire a generator whether your needing to get yourself out of a sticky situation such as a power outage in your area and you need some backup electricity to help you get through it or you are looking to power an event or camping trip. Whatever your current circumstance may be, we have provided many happy clients across the United Kingdom including Nottingham with a high-quality generator hire service.

We are completely flexible when it comes to our generator hire service, which means you can either use a short-term hire or a long-term hire based on your needs. This is so you can get the right generator at the right time at an affordable price. If you are unsure about the length of time that you need to hire your generator, reach out to our friendly expert support team who will be able to guide you through to the correct hire.

We’ve got a range of cost-effective generators that are available for hire for us ranging from 30kVA to 1600kVA depending on how much power you are going to require. Our generators are equipped with eight-hour fuel tanks meaning that you can be ready for longer periods.

Our generator fuel tanks just don’t stop at eight hours but as well as hiring out high-quality generators, we can supply you with a wide range of fuel tanks that can help boost the ability of your generator. Looking to hire a larger unit? All of our larger units have synchronising capabilities. The largest package that we are available to offer exceeds 10mVa if needs be!

If you are in the Nottingham area then Pleavin Power is the go-to choice for all your generator hiring needs, our fast effective service while being completely competitive in pricing has made us one of the UK’s leading generator providers. Speak to us today and we can see what options are best for you!

Generator For Sale Nottingham

Looking to purchase a generator? It can be hard to know exactly where to look and what to need especially if you’ve never had previous experience or knowledge on the subject. That’s why it’s best to reach out for a quick chat with our friendly support team who will be able to get an understanding of your needs and budget and then point you in the right direction.

We’ve got a leading range of portable generators available for sale such as diesel, and gas and if you are looking for something larger to be able to power bigger units, we have standby generators available for sale as well.

Not only do we have generators for sale but if you are looking for power tools, we sell a selection of power tools that can help you. Follow the button below to check out our collection!