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Looking For Generator Hire in Blackburn?

Should you be looking to hire a generator for yourself or your business around the Blackburn area, here at Pleavin Power, we offer a range of generators suited to your needs for hire. If you are looking to use a generator on a one-off basis or have low power requirements, it’s definitely in your best interest to hire a generator instead of purchasing one.

Our services include both short-term rentals and long-term rentals. We offer this because it assists our clients in finding the most flexible solution to their problems. We have a wide range of models to choose from, such as diesel and hybrid generators, that are available to hire.

At Pleavin Power, we have a wide range of generators to choose from, whether it be from 30 kVA to 200 kVA (the power you need to run your operations). Regardless of your needs, we have a solution for you. In addition, you won’t have to worry about any loud noises disturbing you or the area around you, as we provide quiet generators that are also fuel-efficient.

We’ve built up a solid reputation in the Blackburn and Lancashire area over the years by being one of the best and most reliable generator hire companies and generator hire equipment for businesses and personal use.

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Do You Need Generator Hire in Blackburn?

Before we offer you our generator hire service, you may not even need this service for your home or business. It may be that you need to purchase a generator instead of hiring one, but that’s why we’re here to help you make informed decisions so you are provided with the most tailored and relevant power generation service possible.

Often, whether you need generator hire is determined by numerous factors. The most important are power requirements, how long you’ll need it for, and the application it is being used for.


Power requirements

If you need lots of power consistently, purchasing a generator may be more efficient and cost-effective for you in the long term. This is because you’ll often be hiring generators all the time instead of making the decision to purchase one. However, if you need lots of power on a one-off basis, hiring a generator will be a much better investment.

Additionally, we’re always on hand to provide you with extra fuel tanks if you run out of fuel, as we know that big events can drain power. You can rely on our years of experience in the field to give you the best advice on how much power you’ll need.


How Long Do You Need a Generator?

If you’re looking at your options and you only need a generator for a shorter amount of time, hiring a generator will be the better option, no questions asked. You can get everything you get when you purchase a generator, but only for the time when you need it.

When you speak to our experts and we complete our on-site assessment, we’ll be supplying generators with the perfect wattage for your desired location.



If you’re looking for a generator in Blackburn, there are a few specific applications that fit perfectly with hiring instead of buying. Firstly, weddings are one of the main applications where hiring is better than purchasing, as you may need a lot of power, but only for one day.

Secondly, for any type of event that you’re holding, whether that be a music festival, a charity event, or many more, a generator hired from Pleavin Power will provide you with clean, reliable energy while being cost-effective for the short period that you need it for.

Lastly, construction sites are excellent applications for generator hire because they will power all equipment, allowing your operations to run smoothly. Hiring generators meets all the site-specific needs, making sure there is no downtime and efficient construction work.

Types of Generators You Can Hire in Blackburn

With our wide range of generators to hire in Blackburn, you’ll always have a suitable option for your situation. As we ensure that you receive the finest customer service, you’ll get a tailored generator just for your personal needs. For example, our experts may feel like you need a 150 kVA diesel generator, so then we’ll come and install that generator for you.As for the main types of generators you will receive when you speak to our friendly team, you’ll likely receive one of the following during the callback process:

  • Diesel generator
  • Hybrid generator
  • Petrol generator
  • Inverter generator
  • Natural gas generator
Depending on your power requirements, location, and many other factors that we evaluate during our call and real-life assessment, we will make sure that you get the best available option from our range of top-quality generators.

Why Choose Pleavin Power For Generator Hire Blackburn

While offering a diverse range of generators for hire in Blackburn, we truly pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. From the first moment you contact us, we take a tailored approach to your Blackburn home or business and ensure that every part of the process is in place for you to receive optimal power generation.

As you take the next step from our call, we’ll come out to your application and assess the situation to see exactly what you need, how we can fit it, and how to keep it running optimally during the entire time you need it.

Pleavin Power offers competitive rates for generator hire with our high-specification equipment and is shown to be one of the leading power service providers in the UK. This is backed up by our array of customer testimonials and positive feedback from clients nationwide.

On top of that, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year so we can attend to our customers whenever and wherever. We understand that power generation is huge for numerous sectors, and we would never want our customers to be in a worrying situation and not be able to contact us.

How to Hire Your Generator in Blackburn Today

To hire a generator in Blackburn from Pleavin Power today, our process is as follows. You will first need to request a callback, which you will see at the top of this page, or you can email us directly at [email protected].

From there, we will talk directly about how we’re going to come out to your area and assess your application. Once we’ve agreed on which generator is best suited to you, we will discuss delivery and setup options.

We have a man multi axel ridge heavy goods vehicle with a Fassi crane that has a reach of 16m and a maximum load of 16000kg. This means we will bring your generator to you, install it, and always be on hand for any maintenance if needed.

As for contracts, we will discuss the best terms for you. Whether you want a short-term rental or a long-term rental, we have everything in place for you to have optimal power in the time period required. Get in touch with us today; we can’t wait to see what we can do for you.