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Are You Seeking Generator Hire in Bolton?

Pleavin Power has a large array of power generators available to hire around Bolton and surrounding areas to customers and businesses from all sectors.

People and companies decide to opt for generator hire in Bolton if they are planning to only use them for a one-off outdoor event, their business address, or their home in the case of a power shortage. If this is the case, it makes more sense to hire than to purchase a generator.

Our power generators range from 30 kVA to 2000 kVA, which allows our clients to find the perfect amount of wattage to power their appliances. Not only that, but our generator hiring deals within the Bolton area are flexible to your needs with long-term rentals and short-term rental contracts.

This means that you can hire a generator that meets your requirements, whether you are hiring a diesel generator, a gas generator, a hybrid generator, or even necessary generator equipment.

Due to our reputation as a leading generator hire company in the UK and generator hire equipment provider, we’ve helped many happy clients in and around the Bolton area. Please contact our support team for more information on all the high-quality services we offer.

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What Applications Suit a Hired Generator in Bolton?

Generator hire services in Bolton cater to so many applications to make sure uninterrupted power supply is continued in many different scenarios.

A construction site often relies on hired generators to operate tools and equipment where traditional power sources are unavailable. These generators power lighting systems, drills, and other machinery crucial for construction sites, allowing for smooth operations (even in remote areas).

Events management teams also benefit from generator hire in Bolton, as they can supply reliable power for concerts, festivals, and outdoor gatherings. With generators, these organisers can make sure that their sound systems, lighting setups, and other essential equipment are running optimally at all times.

Another place where generator hire in Bolton is useful is for emergencies, such as a backup power source for power outages or natural disasters that demand immediate solutions. Hired generators from Pleavin Power allow hospitals and emergency response centres to rely on us to make sure the well-being of everyone is maintained.

Additionally, businesses use hired generators for temporary power solutions during maintenance or renovations in their commercial buildings. From powering office spaces to even industrial machinery, generator hire services are provided by our friendly team in Bolton and nationwide to ensure all our clients are first of all safe, but all operations can continue.

Our Range of Generators For Hire in Bolton

As we complete an on-site assessment for your application, we ensure that you get a tailored generator suited to your needs, whether that be size, type, or your individual power requirements for the time you need it.

Customer satisfaction, reputation, and expertise have always been massive to us as a family business, so we want to make sure that everyone receives the highest quality hired generator. Here are some of the most common types of generators we install:


Portable Generators

Power Capacity: Portable generators range from small to medium sizes, as you can often carry them around with you.

Fuel Types: They typically run on petrol or diesel, offering flexibility depending on what we recommend for your Bolton application.

Suitability: They are ideal for temporary power needs, such as camping trips, outdoor markets, or emergency backup power.


Hybrid Generators

Power Capacity: Our traditional fuel-powered generators use renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power, for eco-friendly and efficient operation.

Fuel Types: Our hybrid systems offer multiple fuel types and renewable energy sources as needed.

Suitability: These models are great for environmentally friendly projects, remote locations, or areas with limited access to fuel sources.


Industrial Generators

Power Capacity: Our industrial generators typically have higher power capacity and will be used on bigger projects.

Fuel Types: They are usually diesel-powered as this is extremely fuel-efficient for large operations.

Suitability: As they’re suitable for larger projects, they can power machinery and multiple devices at the same time in industrial settings.


Wedding and Event Generators

Power Capacity: They can be small to large for all event types, such as small festivals to large weddings.

Fuel Types: You can choose from a lot of different fuel types when using an event generator, but the most common are diesel and petrol generators.

Suitability: You can use this for lighting systems, sound systems, and many other event or wedding essentials with generator hire in Bolton.

Why Choose Pleavin Power For Generator Hire Bolton

At Pleavin Power, we have staff who are power generation specialists in every regard, from supplying you with the highest-quality products to being the UK’s leading generator hire service provider. We always ensure that we present ourselves in the best manner possible and back it up with professionalism, integrity, reliability and resourcefulness in our work.

Hiring a generator in Bolton can be a difficult task and whether it is an emergency or just a precaution for something that you want to take care of, you may feel like you don’t know where to start. However, with us being available 24/7, 365 days a year, you’ll always have someone to talk to at Pleavin Power.

Should you need this service, with our broad range of generators and hard-working team, we will be able to deliver, install, and maintain your hired generator to deliver a consistent level of satisfaction.

Take the Next Steps Today in Hiring a Generator in Bolton

If you feel like you have a one-off project you want to provide power for, or if it is in case of emergencies, we have short and long-term rental contracts to suit everyone’s needs.

From the first point of contact, if you email us at [email protected], call us at 0800 689 4803, or request a callback on this page, we will first schedule a free on-site assessment to see what you require for your individual project.

Once you and our team have agreed on the correct generator for hire in Bolton, we will personally come out and install the generator in our man multi-axel ridge heavy goods vehicle. Once installation is complete and we have it up and running, we’re always on hand for any maintenance or repair that needs completing – all you have to do is make us aware.

Therefore, if this sounds like something you need within Bolton and surrounding areas, reach out to our team today and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible about the next steps; we look forward to hearing from you.