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We Supply Generators For Hire Across Leeds and Surrounding Areas

If you often face sudden power outages or require temporary power for an event in Leeds, Yorkshire, and surrounding areas, our cost-effective generator hire service can be your lifeline. We understand that various situations may lead to the need for generator rentals, such as unexpected power failures or event planning, such as weddings.

Or, if you need to power a building, appliances, or an outside event, our hassle-free generator hire service has you covered. For those seeking larger power units to meet their needs, we offer generators with synchronising capabilities.

We understand that your generator needs may vary in terms of duration, which is why we offer both short-term and long-term contracts. This flexibility ensures that we are the perfect generator hire company in Leeds, capable of swiftly meeting your power needs. Contact us today at Pleavin Power to get your bespoke generator hired in Leeds!

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Our Generator Hire Range in Leeds

Our silent generators for hire come in many different fuel tanks, and sizes to cater to everyone in Leeds. We can provide you with:


Standby Generators

These are some of the most popular hire inquiries we receive, as they often provide large amounts of power for short-term events, emergencies, and more. Whether you’re off the grid or there is a power cut, our standby models will provide you with the power you need, when it’s most needed.


Portable Generators

If you desire a backup power solution for your home appliances and even in case of unpredictable weather cutting your power, or you often go camping, visit your caravan, and more, our portable generators are easy to carry and offer you a reliable main or backup power source throughout.


Hybrid Generators

Our hybrid generators are highly regarded as one of the most eco-friendly and efficient generators you can hire on the market. With reduced fuel consumption and emissions, our team can come out and install your custom model. Speak to our specialists today and see what generator you qualify for.


Diesel Generators

The most popular generators for hire that we receive requests for are diesel generators. Not only are they fuel efficient, but they can power large events such as weddings, concerts, festivals, and more. Wherever you are in Leeds, we can come out and install this quickly with our heavy-duty vehicles and expert, certified technicians.

What Applications Are Suited For Generator Hire?

Thanks to our years of experience delivering and installing generators nationwide, we are fortunate enough to operate in busy areas such as Leeds and surrounding areas. Here are some of the main applications for which we typically install hired generators:

Pleavin Power understands that power requirements for machinery and construction sites are vital for keeping your business running. Don’t let the unpredictability of weather, and electrical faults cause you to worry; speak to our team about what generator you need for your situation today.
If you’re an event planner or stressing about your wedding day, the last thing you want to happen, whether this impacts your performance acts or the most important day of your life, is the power to shut off during a vital moment. In this case, we can offer you a reliable source of power to withstand the entire event. Get your tailored hire today in Leeds.
Whether you own residential or commercial property, we can provide you with a solution to give you as much power as you need for a short period of time. As a business, you may need multiple generators, whereas, at home, you may only need a portable generator. No matter the size of the project, offering a power device for you is not a problem.
If you work in the healthcare industry or your home town is known for flooding, for example, emergency backup power is going to be required more than you think. Therefore, instead of worrying about how you’re going to keep everything functioning in the moment, take the stress away now by calling our team and we’ll make sure you’re set up in case of emergency.

Why Choose Pleavin Power?

Hire Your Generator in Leeds, Yorkshire, and Surrounding Areas Today

You can hire one of our standby, portable, hybrid, or diesel generators today by requesting a call back on this page or simply calling us today on 0800 689 4803, who will offer expert guidance on what hire will suit your requirements the most.

We travel up and down the country, so Leeds and surrounding areas won’t be an issue. We have heavy-duty vehicles ready to deliver your generator, along with specialist installation services to make sure your generator is running at 100% efficiency. Take the next step with Pleavin Power today!