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About Our Generator Hire Services in Macclesfield

There’s a wide variety of reasons that you may be looking at in the market to hire a power generator, such as suffering a power outage or your generator being out of order.

Here at Pleavin Power, with over 40 dedicated staff members operating from four regional locations, we can supply you with a top-of-the-range generator hire service in Macclesfield and surrounding areas.

Our generator hire service is crafted to be cost-effective and get you out of any potential difficulties that you may be facing. We can hire generators that start from 30 kVA up to 1500 kVA+ with fuel tanks that are made to last for eight hours so you’re always prepared for the worst!

Not only do we hire out a range of top-quality affordable generators, but we can also provide a full range of fuel tanks that help make your generator more efficient when working. If you are on the market and looking to hire a larger unit, you’ll be glad to hear that they have synching capabilities. The largest package that we have available exceeds 10 mVa.

If you are looking for short-term or long-term hires, we have covered you with both packages. Pleavin Power has built up a solid reputation over the years as one of the UK’s leading generator specialists and our services are perfect if you are located in Macclesfield.

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We Have Solutions For Every Need in Macclesfield

Regardless of your application, whether you’re hosting a one-off event such as an outdoor wedding or you need power for a construction project, Pleavin Power has all the tool hire solutions you need for every location.

You don’t always need to purchase a generator outright, as it may be that you only need a power source for a short period; thus, hiring a generator can be a cost-effective solution to your requirements.

When working with companies and homes in the Macclesfield area, there are a few common applications that typically will suit a generator hire, and they are as follows:

  • You own a construction or building site
  • You’re hosting an event, festival, or wedding
  • You need emergency backup power in case of a sudden power outage

Of course, many more applications can be suited to hiring a generator – that’s why we recommend you always contact us first before making the final decision; we can guide you closer to what you need rather than what you think you need.

For example, you may only be in a building for a certain amount of time, or you could be completing remedial work /moving premises, so you’ll only need a short-term, hired generator.

In the event that you fall into any of the brackets discussed above, reach out to a friendly member of our team, and our combined 35 years of experience will allow us to come up with the best solution.

Generators We Offer For Hire in Macclesfield

For companies and individuals assessing their power options, a generator purchase just may not be the best option for you. However, in some cases, it will be the right decision, but either way, we will tell you your best bet for optimal power output performance at an affordable price.

Here, we will show you the types of generators we have available for those qualified for generator hire:


Diesel Generators

Our reliable and efficient diesel generators will make sure you have an uninterrupted power supply, commonly used at construction sites, events, and emergencies. With low emissions and low fuel consumption, they are an eco-friendly choice for those trying to leave a lasting impact on our environment’s future.


Standby Generators

Essential for businesses, our standby generators provide automatic backup power during mainstream outages. Therefore, if you’re supporting a hospital, commercial building, and more, you will always have peace of mind knowing that your building is protected at all times, even in unpredictable circumstances.


Portable Generators

If it’s recommended that you use a portable generator by one of our team members, you’re likely looking for a power source for your home, an outdoor event, or even camping. They are compact, quiet, and offer multiple output options to suit various power needs, along with being portable, meaning you can take them anywhere you think you may need them.


Hybrid Generators

If you’re looking for sustainable power generation, our hybrid generators use renewable energy sources like solar or wind, meaning they can offer energy efficiency, environmental benefits, and the ability to meet changing demands. Our models are suited to those looking for a power source for a one-off event, construction site, or just any application requiring fuel efficiency.

At Pleavin Power, we understand the importance of reliable power solutions. Contact us to talk further about your situation and find the perfect generator for your needs today!

Why Select Us As Your Generator Provider in Macclesfield

Being partners with one of the leading generator providers in the UK, Cummins, and having factory-trained and certified technicians and experts in generator maintenance, along with all the latest software and diagnostic tools, we continue to be one of the trusted generator hire providers in the UK.

Being 24/7 generator specialists, 365 days a year, there is nothing we like doing more than satisfying our customers with our services. We’re fortunate enough to have worked up and down the country, and offering generator hire in Macclesfield is no different. We want to keep our Google rating score of five out of five and continue to produce work to the highest standard.

At Pleavin Power, we will ensure that when you get in touch with us, we first book an on-site assessment to see exactly what it is that your application needs, and then from here, we will come out and install your generator in the optimal location.

We have heavy-duty goods vehicles to bring and place your power device, along with giving you all the information you need to run your generator optimally. However, if you have any struggles, we’re always available to help you with your needs and to come out and fix any issues.

Your Next Step to Generator Hire Macclesfield

Selecting the correct generator power device doesn’t have to be difficult and we’re just a call or email away at 0800 689 4803 or [email protected] to begin your generator hire process today; we look forward to hearing back from you!