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Your Go-to Generator Hire Provider in Sheffield

At Pleavin Power, we are committed to providing an excellent generator hire service in Sheffield and surrounding areas. Regardless of whether you are working with power tools, on a construction site or in another remote location—away from the main national grid power supply—you may need to hire a generator.

You may also be expecting a power outage in the coming days or are simply looking for extra power for your home or workplace. Our world-class generators for hire are excellent for producing your own independent source of electricity.

Our power generators, ranging from 30 kVA to 2000 kVA in power output, have been increasingly popular accessories throughout the years nationwide and continue to be a preferred investment on a short- or long-term contract in the Sheffield area.

If you require a generator for hire, Pleavin Power has got you covered! Our team can help you throughout the entire process, from helping you decide which unit you need to the delivery and installation.

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Our Sheffield Generator Range For Hire

We provide you with the best generators in the world when you hire with us, from our Cummins dealer to Honda and Pramac as well. Here are the types of generators we can provide you with:

As you can see from the few images here, we have plenty on offer, and there are many models available that can be completely tailored and bespoke to your needs. From standby and diesel generators to portable and hybrid generator hire, we have everything you need to provide backup or mainstream power, whether that be a one-off event or a sustained period of time.

Power cuts, emergencies, equipment breakdowns, and many more possibilities can be the cause of a power device being required. That’s why we offer silent, lightweight, heavy-duty generators, such as portable and standby options, to cover every application and situation in Sheffield and surrounding areas.

Whether you want diesel, petrol, or hybrid fuel, we offer internal 8-hour fuel tanks, but if required, we can supply additional double-bundled fuel tanks to increase the runtime and efficiency of your generator. Our largest package available to you in the Sheffield area is 10 mVA (megavolt-amperes) if you require large amounts of power.

Providing Crucial Power For Applications in Sheffield

Thanks to our combined experience of 35 years within our board of directors, over 40 staff members and locations dotted nationwide, we’re able to travel to Sheffield and surrounding areas to deliver and install your generator. Our most common installations include:

When it comes to hosting unforgettable live music performances, creating the perfect wedding, or an engaging event, ensuring uninterrupted power is non-negotiable but should be the last thing on your mind. Let our team here at Pleavin Power cater to your needs, allowing you to enjoy these moments rather than stressing about potential power cuts.
No matter where you are in Sheffield, you’ll be living in a home or working on a commercial business property. Each comes with its own energy requirements. Whether you’re a homeowner in need of backup power during outages or a business owner seeking continuous electricity for operations, we can come out and install your bespoke generator solution as soon as possible.
Many construction sites in Sheffield demand stable power solutions to keep operations running smoothly at all times, regardless of location or scale. Our generator hire service for off-the-grid/remote construction sites gives you a dependable power source to keep your machinery, tools, and lighting within work areas in optimal working conditions at all times.
Emergencies can strike unpredictably, disrupting normal life and requiring immediate action to restore your essential services. In Sheffield, our generators for hire stand ready 24/7, 365 days a year, to provide critical power solutions during emergencies, whether this is for clinics and hospitals, food storage facilities, schools, and many more.

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To gain advice from our friendly team of professionals on what generator will suit your application and situation today, call us at 0800 689 4803 or fill out the form below on this page to be seen as soon as possible.

With locations widely spread across the UK, you can count on us to deliver and install your bespoke generator promptly. If you want to have your own reliable power source rather than relying on conventional methods in Sheffield, make sure you seek Pleavin Power today.