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Searching For Generator Hire in Stoke on Trent?

If you are looking to hire a generator in Stoke on Trent or surrounding areas, there may be several reasons why you are looking to power your home, business, or event in an emergency power outage.

Whether you are hosting an outdoor event such as a wedding or swiftly replacing a generator that has broken while it’s being repaired, our team, with a combined experience of 35 years, will be able to provide a quick, reliable generator hire service for you.

With a wide range of generators that you can hire such as diesel generator hire for example, from something as small as 30 kVA to something as big as 1600 kVA, our generator hire service is not only cost-effective but can get you out of any unwanted nuisances. You’ll be prepared for any situation with eight-hour fuel tanks or more, depending on your situation.

Being able to supply a variety of fuel tanks means you can increase the efficiency of your generator, so if you’re looking to hire out a larger generator, you’ll be happy to know that they come with synchronising capabilities, e.g., our largest package is greater than 10 mVA.

Whether you’re looking to hire long-term or short-term, we’ve got you covered. Our service is known nationwide for being one of the best due to our factory-trained and certified technicians and experts always being on hand.

If you’re looking to hire a generator, then you’re in the right place. Being close to the area of Stoke On Trent, we can get your generator up and running in no time.

Table of Contents

Types of Generators You Can Hire in Stoke on Trent

Here at Pleavin Power, we believe that every home and customer of ours should have alternatives to the power grid. Being in the UK and Stoke on Trent, the weather is always unpredictable and power outages are becoming more common than ever.

Regardless of the size of your project, the type of generator you need, or the longevity of the contract you require, we can sort something out for you. We ensure that we have a wide range of customisable options for our customers to work with; here are some of the most common ones we install:

  1. Diesel generators (perfect for homes, construction projects, and indoor/ outdoor events)
  2. Portable generators (easy to carry for camping, homes, and small events)
  3. Hybrid generators (use solar or wind to power one-off-events, a construction site, and healthcare facilities)
  4. Gas generators (great for low-powered household tools and/or appliances)
  5. Standby generators (swift backup power for hospitals, commercial buildings, educational institutions, and more).

These are just a few of the main generators we offer, so if you’re unsure whether you require a generator for hire in Stoke on Trent, it is always best to speak to our friendly team first to see what type of generator suits your application, needs, and power requirements; we will help you make the informed decision.

What Applications Require Generator Hire in Stoke on Trent?

In Stoke-on-Trent, many applications need generator hire, and here at Pleavin Power, we cater to them all. Being an official Cummins dealer, we only provide the highest-quality generators for our customers in Stoke and nationwide. However, not everyone will need a hired generator, as some may need to purchase one. Here, we’ll show what applications require generator hire:


Outdoor Events, Weddings, and Festivals

Events such as outdoor festivals, concerts, and weddings will often require generators to power lighting, sound systems, and other tools and equipment. This, of course, is if the event is only a short period, and based on your power requirements, we can supply you with the correct rental generator to suit your project like a handmade glove.


Construction Projects

Additionally, construction sites in Stoke-on-Trent need power generators to use their tools and machinery to make sure they can complete their jobs without any complications. Without necessary power, essential work won’t be able to be carried out, and businesses will lose money, along with the public suffering.


Stoke on Trent Emergency Applications

Alike, emergencies, such as horrible weather or power cuts, demand reliable backup power for hospitals, schools, and emergency services to make sure everyone is safe in these critical services. Without power, there can be serious consequences, so ensuring you have practices in place will put you ahead of the rest.

Our generator hire services in Stoke-on-Trent address these diverse needs and will always make sure that you get tailored solutions and trustworthy pieces of equipment to support businesses, events, construction projects, and emergencies.

With Pleavin Power, our customers in Stoke-on-Trent can trust our leading generator hire service for all of your generator rental needs, giving you peace of mind and uninterrupted operations for any situation.

Choosing the Right Generator Hire Service Provider in Stoke on Trent

At Pleavin Power, we have highly trained and passionate staff with customer service at the forefront of our minds. With backing such as being construction-approved, SafeContractor-approved, CHAS-approved, and many more, we take pride in our safety measures and high standards during the entire hiring process.

Not only that, but our Google reviews are currently standing at five out of five stars, and we pride ourselves on having the most wonderful customer base out there. We have the pleasure of doing what we’re passionate about every day and that’s why we’re on hand 24/7, 365 days a year, in case of an emergency.

With Pleavin Power, when you choose us, you’re choosing a committed, friendly team to help you through the entire process, from an on-site assessment to see what generator suits you, to coming out and installing it, but also keeping in touch with you if any problems occur; we want to go the extra mile.

Contact Us for Generator Hire in Stoke on Trent

If you’re unsure whether hiring a generator in Stoke on Trent is the best option for you, or you know it is but don’t know where to start, the first thing you should do is contact our specialists. Call us on 0800 689 4803 or email us at [email protected] to see what generator requirements suit you.

Whether you need to purchase a generator or you need to hire a diesel generator for your application, we’re ready for any situation. We look forward to speaking with you and beginning your journey to self-sufficient power generation today!