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Our Generator Hire Services

If you are living in Wolverhampton and are in need of a generator for hire as soon as possible, look no further than Pleavin Power! We have an extensive range of different generators and accessories in order to make your power issues manageable.

We have over 40 members of quality staff that are experts in all sorts of power generators, dedicated to making sure that you have no problems regarding your power output. If your area is prone to power outages, generators can be a great investment.

When you are only in need of your generator for a short period of time and will not need it after this period, it is recommended that you opt to hire a generator instead of purchase one. While both are equally as viable to solve your power issues, hiring a generator is much more cost effective for people who do not plan on repeated use.

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What Generators Can We Supply?

If you need a power generator in Wolverhampton, we have just about any unit you could wish for. Our team are able to support you when choosing which unit is best for your situation as well as providing constant advice on how to best use your generator to make the most of your investment.


Diesel Generators

Diesel generators are some of the most popular units we have in stock and some of the most common in the UK. Diesel generators can range in size depending on the specific unit however are typically known to be mid sized to large generators for events and small facilities. Since diesel is the fuel being used, these generators are also much more environmentally friendly than most other units due to their stellar fuel efficiency.


Standby Generators

Standby generators are simply a specific type of generator that will automatically turn on when the power in your building cuts out, meaning they are most suited for people who are prone to power outages in the area. This is something that you can discuss with our team when you call! If you do find that a standby generator is best suited for you, you can browse our selection for hire on our website.


Hybrid Generators

Hybrid generators use traditional fuels alongside renewable energy to make a much more environmentally friendly option to generate electricity. This choice can prove to be a useful asset during power outages, whether you require emergency power for important services or need an efficient way to distribute electricity to a site environment without a grid connection.


Portable Generators

If you live in Wolverhampton and are looking for a portable option to power your home, take with you on your camping trip, or need a quick power source during your off-the-grid road trip, Pleavin Power can provide you with this hired design tailored to your power requirements, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power wherever you may be. Contact us today to see what generator in Wolverhampton is best for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Generator?

Hiring a Generator can vary in terms of costs, this entirely depends of the type of generator you buy and how long you plan to use it for. If you are interested in any of our premium generator brands, you can get in touch with our team today and we will be able to give you a quote that is fitted to what you need.

What Can I Use My Generator For?

There are plenty of uses for generators across a multitude of industries, ranging from construction to healthcare. Businesses and homeowners across the country can benefit from the versatility of these great machines.

When a wedding is held outside or in a rural area with unreliable power, using a generator assures a stress-free occasion. Generators can prevent any outages that might ruin the celebration by supplying electricity for things like sound systems, catering supplies, and other necessities.

Camping trips can greatly benefit from providing power for various appliances you wish to bring with you. It allows campers to charge electronic devices, power lighting, and operate cooking appliances like electric grills and stoves, ensuring that food remains fresh in portable fridges. Generators also support heating and cooling equipment, making the campsite comfortable, and can inflate air mattresses or other equipment quickly.

Hiring a generator for construction sites is essential for powering various tools and equipment, ensuring that projects proceed efficiently and without interruption. Generators provide reliable electricity for heavy machinery, power tools, and lighting, which is crucial for operations in remote locations or areas without reliable grid access. They also support site offices, enabling the use of computers, printers, and communication devices.

The main reason why people tend to hire a generator is for emergency situations as backup power. This is most common for people living in areas prone to power outages and for vital buildings in the healthcare industry. Hospitals simply cannot cope without power making it imperative that they have several options for backup power, generators are usually the preferred choice.

Where Do We Cover in Wolverhampton?

At Pleavin Power, we are experts in providing people all over the country with generators for hire at a moment’s notice. If you are living in Wolverhampton, this is no different! We are able to provide our services to all of the areas in and around wolverhampton including Aldersley, Ettingshall, Bushbury, Monmore Green, Woodcross, Parkfield and many more!