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Generator Hire Cardiff

Here at Pleavin Power, we have successfully provided high-quality generators to people and businesses alike in the Cardiff area thanks to our power generator hire service.

If you are requiring a generator for either the short-term or even long-term, then it could be in your best interest to use a generator hire service instead of outright purchasing one. After all, generators are expensive pieces of equipment that require upkeep, so hiring can be a better option for many individuals and companies.

We wanted to make our generator hire service one of the best across the United Kingdom – and that is why we offer those flexible contracts based on the period you need a generator.

We can successfully provide a wide range of different generators including diesel generators, gas generators, hybrid generators and more. This is because you may require a different type of generator based on preference, location and requirements.

Our hire services don’t stop at generators – we can also provide people with the relevant generator equipment that can boost the efficiency of your generator. For example, we can hire out power lock connections that can provide you with a safer connection.

You can hire double bunded storage tanks which can increase the runtime of your generator plus transfer panels so you don’t have to worry about any potential downtime if your grid happens to go down.

Over the last couple of years, due to our high-quality hire service, we have become one of the leading UK power generators hire companies and have successfully helped many happy clients in the Cardiff area get their generators up and running in no time.

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Generator Repairs Cardiff

Here at Pleavin Power, we are in the ideal location for generator repairs in Cardiff. We understand how much of a nuisance it can be when your generator suddenly stops working or the need for a repair comes up, but it is best to immediately reach out for a generator repair service as soon as possible when you notice your generator has stopped working – after all, leaving it could lead to further damage.

The main example that we come across in the industry is your fuel filters suddenly become blocked. If you decide to ignore the problem then the issue could escalate highly due to your fuel becoming contaminated. To avoid any of these issues happening such as blocked fuel filters that require you to ring for a generator repair service, then we recommend that you get regular generator servicing and maintenance from our team who will be able to successfully identify these problems and get them sorted before it worsens.

You should never attempt to repair your generator by yourself as generator repairs should only be done by qualified personnel with experience generators are complex pieces of equipment and attempting to do a repair run the risk of seriously damaging your generator further and even potentially hurting yourself.

There could be several reasons that your generator may need a repair service whether it’d be from overuse over an extended period, battery failure or something complex that only an expert team could find. There are many different types of generators available on the market that all require their power source e.g. biofuel, gas, diesel and many more.

Generator Servicing Cardiff

The way that you can avoid reaching out for a costly repair or having to replace your generator altogether then would be by getting your generator regularly serviced or repaired (if necessary). Generators will always require specialist hands to keep them in tip-top condition, even modern generators. This is due to their complex nature. The team here at Pleavin Power will successfully follow a high-quality servicing and maintenance process for your generator.

By getting regular servicing, you will save money and time in the long run. Most of the generator breakdowns that we get called out for could easily be prevented by having regular servicing done. All of the servicing that we undertake will always follow health and safety guidelines so we protect the safety of our staff and you.

Full-service generator maintenance includes many services one being functional system tests, load tests and main failure tests. All the generators that we service will be benchmarked to the high PP standard and reach the SLA agreements – hence the importance of having your generator(s) serviced regularly by a dedicated team of experts.

Our SLA agreements will include regular visits whether that’d be monthly or quarterly. We will always be there for any potential issues with your generator. Contact our friendly team today to hear more about generator servicing and find out more benefits for your generator in Cardiff.

Generators For Sale Cardiff

Maintenance services are not exclusive to the services that we offer as not only are you in the right place if you are looking to hire a generator, but we are also successfully able to sell many high-quality generators for people or businesses in Cardiff. There can be many different reasons that one would want to buy a generator whether that’d be for any potential emergency blackouts in your home, powering an outdoor event like a wedding or to power tools on a worksite. Generators are extremely handy pieces of equipment that help many people across the United Kingdom daily.

We do not just sell generators to individuals but our clientele includes business sectors such as hospitals, data centres and many more. We have generators available that start from as small as 4kVA to 3000kVA plus the necessary fuel tanks that pair with them to increase the runtime and efficiency of the generator. We do not only sell generators but we also have a wide selection of top generator equipment available for sale and power tools.

Our range has everything from portable generators to powerful standby generators. If you are unsure about what generator would be best for your situation as we understand that it can be daunting trying to purchase the right generator if it is your first time dealing with a generator – our friendly sales team here at Pleavin Power will be able to listen to your current needs and successfully guide you in the right direction. Browse our extensive range of generators for sale with us.