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Generator Repair Leicester

Has your generator suddenly stopped working? You may start to wonder what is the best next move, to save any hassle and get the problem fixed as soon as possible so that you can get your generator back up and running in no time.

There are so many reasons that a generator could suddenly fail and break down. The source of your problem can be completely different depending on what type of generator you have whether that’d be gas, diesel, biofuel and many more.

You can stop needing any sudden repairs that can cost you a bomb by organising regular servicing and maintenance on your generator with our services. We’ll be able to identify any problems first before they lead to worse problems that can break your generator, that way you’ll save a lot of time and money in the long run time.

You may need a repair for something as simple as overuse, like anything in the world if you use something frequently over time there is a higher chance that it will break down and the same applies to a generator, by contacting us we will be able to see the problem and fix it accordingly.

When we are repairing generators, we’ll follow all of your manufacturer’s warranty guidelines so you don’t lose them and we always follow health and safety regulations so that our staff is safe.

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Generator Hire Leicester

Not many people need to purchase a generator outright especially if you are only planning to use your generator on a one-off basis as some generators can be expensive, that’s why it’s much more cost-effective to hire out one of our high-quality generators for your needs whether that’d be for a planned power outage so you can go on about your business as normal or if you’ve planned an exciting camping getaway trip your family. A hired portable generator will be able to power all your appliances through the trip meaning your whole party can be happy.

No matter if you are requiring your generator for a week or several months, we have flexible contracts for both short-term and long-term depending on what you need and which generator is best whether that’d be a diesel generator, gas generator and even generator equipment that can go with it, we have it all here at Pleavin Power in the Leicester area.

The generators that we have available for hire are low sounding and incredibly fuel-efficient. When hiring out our generators we can provide storage tanks that can add to the runtime of your generator and supply transfer panels to make sure you have no downtime if there is a power failure.

Need help moving forward to hire the ideal generator for your current situation? The Pleavin Power team are always here to answer any questions or concerns you may have to help guide you into hiring the perfect generator within your budget and time. Contact us today to start the easy hassle-free process and we can get your generator up and running in the Leicester area in no time.

Generator Servicing Leicester

If you do currently own a generator then it’s super important that you are getting it regular generator servicing. If you don’t get regular servicing or maintenance for your generator not only can you fail the manufacturer’s warranty guidelines which can leave you out of pocket but you run the risk of your generator breaking down and needing a repair which could cost even more.

Our generator servicing can instantly identify any faults or underlying problems that your generator may be showing and we will guarantee that we keep your generator in the best condition it can be. Generators can be very complicated from the outside and even more confusing if you’ve never had experience or qualified in the matter, that’s why your generator servicing should only be done by trained hands such as the ones here at Pleavin Power.

Our generator maintenance service in Leicester will cover lots of aspects thoroughly and do a lot of tests such as main failure tests, load tests and functional system tests. We can successfully service and maintain all generator models e.g. diesel generators, gas generators, HVO generators and many more.

We’ve trained all of our super team to make sure that your equipment is always done to the Pleavin Power benchmark and that it hits our SLA agreements. This type of high standard has made us one of the UK’s leading generator services and helped serve many happy clients in Leicester.

When you go into an SLA agreement with us, we’ll arrange regular servicing that can be monthly or quarterly depending on how much use your generator. We can guarantee when you use us that we will identify any problems and all the checks & replacing that we do on the generator that health & safety guidelines are being followed to the tee.

Generators For Sale Leicester

Generators are an incredible piece of equipment that is always handy to have, especially if there is an emergency such as a power cut in your house, you will be able to power appliances in your home so you can go on as normal. Generators are also great for businesses that run outdoor events like weddings.

We have a great range of high-quality generator models from hybrid portable generators and standby generators. You can even purchase the relevant generator equipment. Our generators start from as small as 3kVA and go all the way up to over 2900kVA+ plus with their fuel tanks.

If you need further assistance in picking the perfect generator for your situation that fits inside your budget, we understand that it can be difficult & frustrating trying to purchase a generator by yourself without the experience and knowledge so our team is more than happy to guide you in the right direction so you can get the ideal generator at an affordable price. Discover our collection by following the button below.