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Generator Hire Luton

There are many different situations where people feel they need to hire a power generator from us in the Luton area whether you are experiencing a scheduled blackout that’s left you without electricity or you need to power a construction worksite for a project. Whatever the reason may be, our generator hire service has you covered. We realised that many people require generators for periods of time, where it may make not much sense to purchase a generator for a number of reasons such as storage, servicing and budget.

The generator hire service here at Pleavin Power is one of the highest rated in the UK – we offer our clients the option for a flexible hire service whether you are looking to hire a generator for a one-off short-term basis or over an extended period of time, we can help you whatever your current needs and situation are. We have a wide range of high-quality generator models available for hire to people in the Luton area, our team can get your generator running in no time so you can get that well-needed power!

We aren’t limited to a small range of generators, but you can choose between generators that range from 30kVA all the way up to 1600kVA plus we can hire out the relevant generator equipment that can boost the overall performance and efficiency such as eight-hour tanks meaning you can get a much longer run time. We take a massive amount of pride in our work and in providing individuals with a competitive high-quality generator hire service to help them through whatever situation they are currently experiencing.

We understand that many people aren’t knowledgeable about power generators as they are complicated pieces of equipment, and it can be difficult to know what generator you need to hire. No need to worry, get in contact with our friendly expert team who will be able to listen to your situation and get you the ideal generator for your needs for the period of time you need it.

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Generator Servicing Luton

The most effective way in keeping your generator in its best condition and running without any problems is through regular generator servicing and maintenance by the Pleavin Power team. Attempting to service your generator without training and experience, you run a massive risk of further damaging your generator or potentially harming yourself. To save yourself money, time and stress in the long run then leave it to our skilled hands and eyes to identify any problems and fix them there for you.

Proper generator servicing requires a complicated process, and the process that we follow is always to the high-quality PP standard. Some actions that we take while servicing your generator are changing your engine filters, checking fluid levels and replacing them if need be and many more. Throughout servicing, we will always be doing a thorough inspection of all components to try to identify any potential problems that could cause a repair in the future.

It’s important that we check components such as fuel filters as industry standards require them to be changed after every three years or after 500 hours of use. We’ll also do a deep inspection of the auxiliary fuel system, storage and operation when maintaining your power generator. This needs to be done every six months so you can keep the value of your generator plus we’ll run tests such as a load-bank test on your generator as we need to make sure that your generator is able to handle at least 80% of rated loads for four hours.

We’ve created a strong reputation amongst many happy clients across the UK including Luton with an affordable and effective generator service. To avoid any future repairs that could leave you seriously out of pocket or having to replace your generator completely then we recommend investing in regular generator servicing. Get in touch with our team today who can help provide more information.

Generator Repairs Luton

It is very rare that you hear the words generator and repair together due to their amazing reliability and technology that allows them to run for long periods of time without any problems but with any appliance, there is a chance that there could be a sudden breakdown or your generator has been damaged over time. Generator repairs are often required when regular servicing has been neglected as minor problems that have increased to major ones have not been picked up.

Unfortunately, the complex models of generators mean that repairs can be difficult but the team here at Pleavin Power are fully trained and experienced in fixing any problem that could be causing your generator to need a repair in the Luton area.

Do not attempt to repair your generator by yourself with no training and experience as you can further damage your generator. There are a wide variety of generator models available which include diesel, gas, HVO and many more which all require certain levels of care depending on the model. There are complicated repairs that we have to undertake but often it can be common defects that are holding your generator back such as battery failure or overuse.

Another reason we see people enquiring about our generator repair service is that their fuel filters have become blocked and this should be sorted immediately as there is a high chance when left your generator will be further damaged due to contamination. Get in touch as soon as possible whatever the reason as if you leave it, your generator could worsen over time.

Generators For Sale Luton

Looking for a generator to purchase in Luton? We’ve got a wide range of high-quality generators available here for sale. We understand that you may need a bit more guidance to help you buy the ideal generator for your situation.

Contact our friendly sales team with your current needs and budget and we will be able to help you pick the ideal generator based on our initial talk. Depending on your needs, we have the perfect generator for you!