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Generator Servicing Preston

If you require your generator to be serviced in the Preston area, we are your go-to people! Your generator is a complex bit of equipment that should only be serviced by high-qualified personnel with the correct knowledge.

Not only does servicing your generator keep it in tip-top condition for when you run it, but it helps save you money over time due to ignoring any potential signs of breakdown could lead to a hefty cost to repair them when it could be easily avoided by having regular generator maintenance.

We take health and safety seriously when servicing generators by following all the correct protocols in place.

Our Preston generator maintenance service includes mains failure tests, functional system tests plus load tests. We guarantee to identify and resolve any issues that we spot.

Our servicing agreements are flexible as well, we can arrange visits to your site on a quarterly or weekly basis. We’ll be there when emergency strikes as we are based near Preston and the nearby area whether that’d be every month or every week.

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Generator Repairs Preston

Generators should be something that we can always rely on in a time of crisis when a generator failure occurs, it’s key that we deal with it immediately for several reasons.

Having regular maintenance on your generator and servicing can prevent common issues from arising such as your fuel filter being blocked could lead to harmful contamination which could be harmful to not only your generator but your safety and others around you.

Repairing your generator isn’t something you shouldn’t be attempting to do by yourself especially if you have no qualifications or experience. Pleavin Power will take care of everything while you sit back and focus on the more important tasks. Our staff are all highly qualified in dealing with generators and have years of experience in repairs.

Not doing regular maintenance and servicing on your generator could end up with you losing your warranty due to not following the manufacturer’s guidelines. There’s a mix of problems that can cause your power generator to suddenly stop working. A lot of these problems could be something simple as your battery failing from overuse and then you can run into complex situations that only qualified personnel would be able to spot.

Our range of generators will all have different types of power sources whether that’d be a diesel generator, gas generator, HVO and many more so would all require different types of repair service.

Generator Hire Preston

If are you looking to hire a generator for a short period in the Preston area or nearby then Pleavin Power has got you covered!

If you are running a one-off event or need to power some appliances for one day only then it makes sense for you to hire out one of our top generators compared to spending a lot of money for a generator that you are only planning to use once.

We pride ourselves on being flexible for our client’s needs that’s why we offer you the chance for short-term rentals and long-term rentals so you can get the best deal for your situation.

Pleavin Power has a massive range of generators available to hire such as diesel generators, hybrid generators and gasoline generators. Our power generators start from 30kVA to 2000kVA, therefore, you can hire a generator most suitable based on the power you need to power your appliances.

If you are worried about possible noise pollution from your generator in your nearby area – there’s no need to worry as we have hundreds of generators that are quiet. These generators are also completely fuel-efficient.

Not only do we hire generators for our clients but we have loads of accessories that you can hire that are relevant to your generator. An example is we have cables starting from 50m and we go all the way up to 500m. Our cables also come with power lock connectors that give them a more secure & safe connection.

If your looking to increase the run-time of your generator due to planned extended use then we have doubled bundled storage tanks on hand for you to hire! Not only do we have all of this amazing equipment to hire but we have as well transfer panels available for hire in case your grid does down, you won’t have to worry about any downtime.

We have helped around the Preston area for years and have helped many happy clients find the perfect generator to hire. If you are looking to see more information on our generator hire or generator equipment hire then contact our support team today and we can help guide you in the right direction.

Generators For Sale Preston

If you aren’t looking to hire a generator but purchase one then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are hosting an outdoor event, looking to power appliances inside a wedding marquee, party or even if you are a business.

Purchasing a generator means that you will always have a backup power source in the event of an unwanted power failure. We’ve built up a solid reputation for being a top power generator UK provider to those living around Preston and Lancashire.

If you are unsure of what power generator would be best for your situation then our support team is always on hand for a chat – our team will provide you with all the right information to help you decide on your situation.

Our clientele isn’t just selling generators to private customers but we also provide generator services to businesses in all sectors from hospitals to data centres.