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Generator Hire Shrewsbury

If it’s not in your best interests to outright purchase a generator, especially if you are planning to only use a generator on a one-off basis whether that be a power emergency inside your home, an outdoor occasion or if you own a generator but it’s broken down and you need a quick replacement while it’s being serviced.

If you need a generator for a day, week, month or even a couple of months. We can do short-term contracts and long-term contracts for our generators based on your situation. There’s a range of generators available for you to hire whether it’d be a diesel generator or hybrid generator or we even have generator equipment for you able to hire.

Our generators to hire are in top quality and condition while being quiet plus fuel-efficient. There are generators available to hire ranging from 30kVA to 1600kVA with fuel tanks that last up to eight hours. There’s also the correct necessary equipment that you can hire with your generator such as cables from 50m to 500m along with power lock connectors.

Our friendly support team is always on hand to help assist you in hiring the correct generator based on your needs in the Shrewsbury area. Due to being closely located, we can easily reach you with no problems.

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Generator Servicing Shrewsbury

If you own a generator then you must be regularly getting your generator serviced. Getting generator servicing will mean that we can help spot any potential signs of damage that your generator has gotten over time, seeing these potential signs means we can get it sorted before you end up having to pay for a massive costly repair on your generator.

A generator is a complicated piece of equipment to understand and that means that it should only be looked at by experts in the matter with the right hands to deal with any damage. All of our staff here at Pleavin Power are completely qualified and experienced in the matter of servicing generators and can do the job with the utmost efficiency.

Our generator servicing in Preston includes several tests that can help see the condition of your generator from mains failure tests, load tests and many more. Whether the generator is a hybrid generator or a diesel generator, we are fully qualified in dealing with the matter. Each member of our dedicated team follows the high-quality Pleavin Power benchmark when doing maintenance on your equipment making sure it reaches the SLA agreements.

The SLA agreement that you make with Pleavin Power will involve regular servicing and maintenance on your generator whether that’d be on a monthly or quarterly basis which involves periodic sampling, close inspections and functional testing.

All the servicing checks that we do on generators always follow health and safety rules set in place, this is to ensure our staff’s safety and people nearby. Our generator servicing in Shrewsbury has been known for being safe, efficient and thorough.

Generator Repairs Shrewsbury

Generators are known for being extremely reliable pieces of equipment but like anything in the world, they can unfortunately fail. Having your generator regularly serviced by us can avoid any sudden failures that lead you to clueless about what to do next but if your generator does suddenly break it isn’t an easy job to repair them.

That’s why we are on hand to help you – there are many reasons why your generator could break down unexpectedly. The reason why it ranges is due to there being many generators available that run on different types of fuel, different types of fuel tanks etc. The more that you use your equipment, like anything it’s more prone to break down over time so having servicing for your generator can stop any potential repairs which are more costly than paying a large repair fee.

If you notice that your generator isn’t working as smoothly as it has been in recent times, do not wait until it breaks if you have any concerns. Please contact us and we will deal with it swiftly before it gets out of hand.

Like we said before, generators are complicated equipment and people doing repairs on your generator should be qualified personnel like the staff here at Pleavin Power who will follow the guidelines set by the manufacturers to avoid you losing the warranty on the equipment.

All repairs will be done as well following health and safety guidelines and will conduct a relevant risk assessment when repairing your generator. All issues will be solved in a quick efficient manner while being safe.

Generators For Sale Shrewsbury

We’d always recommend owning a generator as they are a reliable piece of equipment that can get you out of some sticky situations such as re-powering your home in a power outage and they can also power many outdoor events such as weddings marquees and concerts.

It can be hard finding a generator that is most suited to your needs, especially if you’ve had no previous experience in generators after all there are so many specifications that you need to deal with to find the generator most suited to you. No need to worry as we can make the process of purchasing a generator smooth and easy, we have an online support team that’s on hand to deal with any inquiries that you may have and the situation you are currently in.

Once we’ve got all the suitable information, we can make an informed decision on what generator will be best for you to buy. Not only do we have generators for you to buy but we also sell power tools for you to use.

If you aren’t looking to purchase a generator then we also supply generators for hire in the Shrewsbury area, at Pleavin Power we are known nationwide for being specialists in power generators and can help you find the correct contract on hiring whether that’d be a short-term contract or a long-term contract.