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If you are looking to hire a generator, there may be several reasons why you are looking to power your home in an emergency power outage. Whether you are hosting an outdoor event such as a wedding or swiftly replacing a generator that has broken while it’s being repaired, we can provide a quick reliable generator hire service for you.

With a range of generators that you can hire from something small as 30kVA to something big as 1600kVA, our generator hire service is not only cost-effective but can get you out of any unwanted nuisances. You’ll be prepared for any situation with eight-hour fuel tanks or more depending on your situation.

Being able to supply a variety of fuel tanks means you can increase the efficiency of your generator, if you are looking to hire out a larger generator you’ll be happy to know that they come with synchronising capabilities e.g. our largest package is greater than 10mVA.

Whether you’re looking to hire long-term or short-term, we’ve got you covered. Our service is known nationwide for being one of the best, if you’re looking to hire a generator then you’re in the right place. Being close to the area of Stoke On Trent, we can get your generator up and running in no time.

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Generator Servicing Stoke On Trent

Searching for generator servicing online will give you many options but here at Pleavin Power, we are proud to offer the most cost-effective generator servicing for your generator. Generators are complex pieces of equipment that should be always only serviced by someone with the right qualifications and trained hands. All of our friendly experienced staff are completely fully trained to handle these pieces of equipment and pride themselves on offering a generator service like no other.

Our staff are on hand to run many tasks for your generator such as checking the fluid levels, changing the engine filters or inspecting your control system, we’re always just a call away.

There’s a variety of processes that come with servicing a generator to make sure it stays in tip-top condition running. Checking the fluid levels inside and sampling them and if they need changing we will sort that out. The standard recommendation for changing fluids should be every three years or after 500 hours of your generator running.

Another main process of the servicing is checking the battery CCA, our thorough checks will make sure it’s all working correctly which includes the capacity and charge rate. Then conduct inspections of the engine and the alternator heaters and many more.

Inspecting the control system, the connection and the functional operation can help find any potential faults within the generator. When servicing your generator we can replace the engine thermostats if need be as we recommend that these be changed every three years of use. When servicing generators, we always make sure your equipment is entirely up to the Pleavin Power standard that we’ve agreed on in the SLA.

The Pleavin Power SLA agreements will undertake regular servicing and maintenance checks for your generator with quarterly visits. If we identify any issues with your generator we will instantly resolve them while always following the health and safety standards.

Generators Repair Stoke On Trent

Generator failure can be annoying, after-all we rely on our generators for power. While we recommend regular servicing for your generator to pick up on any potential faults before they need fully repairing.

When your generator fails, it’s normally something that isn’t just as simple as turning it off and back on again to get it running. Generator repairs need to be done by trained hands – it’s recommended to reach out to trained experts like the ones here at Pleavin Power to get your generator fixed correctly and even avoid seriously harming yourself.

You may have noticed there is a wide range of generators that are available so that means different generators will require different types of repairs compared to other ones. Your generator runs on certain types of fuel such as diesel, gas, HVO or even biofuel so depending on the model, brand and type you have it will require expert eyes.

There are several reasons your generator may need repairing, two examples are battery failure and blocked fuel filters. A battery failure can stop your generator from working altogether and blocked fuel filters could lead to dangerous contamination, noticing problems like these late on could result in damaging your generator permanently. That’s why it’s in your best interest to look into getting your generator regularly serviced to avoid paying large amounts for repairs.

If you aren’t complying with your manufacturer’s warranty guidelines, it could lead to you losing the warranty altogether which could end up costing you hundreds. Be sure to get your generator repaired by qualified personnel such as the staff here at Pleavin Power.

Generators For Sale Stoke On Trent

Looking to own a generator in case of an emergency? It can be hard to know which generator is best for you and what suits your situation. That’s why we’re here to help you, reach out to our fast customer service team who are always happy to answer any questions and bring you closer to understanding what generator is for you.

We’ve got a great selection here of generators for sale in Stoke On Trent from portable generators to standby generators. This selection of generators ranges from 4kVA up to 3000kVA, these generators will all be paired with the relevant fuel tank that goes with it. Having the relevant fuel tank will allow your generator to run more efficiently and will last you longer in time making sure you get the value for your money.

As well as having generators for sale, we also sell a range of power tools for you to use. If you are in the market for anything from a battery charger or another supply, please contact us and we can help you.