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Generator Hire Swansea

Here at Pleavin Power, we have successfully installed high-quality generators for happy clients across the UK, including the Swansea area. If you only need a generator for a set period, then it makes no sense to purchase a generator for one-off use outright, especially when some generators are costly to purchase.

Whether you need to power an outdoor event or need power during a scheduled power blackout, we recommend that you hire a generator from us at Pleavin Power.

Generators are convenient pieces of equipment that can get you out of some sticky situations. Our generator hire services allow people to get the necessary generator when they need it. We are entirely flexible in our hiring service, giving our customers the option of a short-term or long-term contract.

We have a wide range of generators available for hire that start at 30 kVA and go all the way up to 2000 kVA. If you’re currently in an area that requires low-sound pollution, we have generators that come with noise-reduction capabilities. Noise reduction means that you’ll be able to run your generator without worrying that you’re being too loud.

Not only can you hire out our generators, but we can also provide you with necessary generator equipment that can boost the efficiency of your generator, such as power locks that range from 50m to 500m to give a more secure connection.

We can supply you with a relevant double storage tank plus transfer panels, meaning you won’t have to worry about any potential downtime if your grid suddenly happens to stop.

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Generator Servicing Swansea

Here at Pleavin Power, we are the go-to team to successfully service and maintain your generator through high-quality generator services in the Swansea area. You must invest in generator maintenance. Over time, you can keep your generator in its best condition, meaning you won’t have to pay out any hefty repairs or, even worse, pay for a whole replacement—something that can be quite expensive.

Our dedicated team is highly qualified and experienced in all things power generators and will be able to identify any potential faults and fix them most safely and efficiently.

Generators are complicated, and these necessary checks should be done by specialists. All our engineers follow a strict process to keep your generator running smoothly.

By getting your generator serviced, you’ll save time, hassle, and money. Not getting generator maintenance could increase the risk of your generator breaking down over time. Most generator repairs that we come across could have easily been prevented by investing in regular generator servicing and maintenance.

Health and safety are important to us, not only to protect your welfare but that of our staff as well. At Pleavin Power, we do all generator servicing and work closely to follow any health and safety protocols set in place.

We’ll run all the necessary checks that are needed and quickly resolve any issues that we come across. Our team always gives the best advice and shares their expertise with clients to help further their knowledge on how to care for their generators going forward.

We run a range of tests that allow us to see what condition your generator is currently in. These tests include functional systems, load tests, and main failure tests. We can guarantee when you choose us, that your generator is held to the PP standard and meets all the SLA agreements discussed.

The team here is always on hand to help you, no matter what. Our SLA agreements will involve regular visits to your site. If you are in the Swansea area and looking to keep your generator in pristine condition, then get in touch with us today.

Generator Repairs Swansea

We’re in the ideal location to repair your generator in Swansea. Generator failure can come at the worst times; after all, generators are highly reliable pieces of equipment that can get you through some tough times. However, like any piece of equipment, it can become susceptible to odd failures for several different reasons.

One of the main reasons that we come across is fuel filters becoming blocked, which can decrease the functionality of your generator. If you’re starting to suspect that your fuel filters are blocked, then don’t hesitate to reach out for a generator repair service. Leaving fuel filters blocked can lead to contamination and internal damage to your generator.

Repairs should never be done by people who aren’t qualified or trained in generators; they’re complicated equipment, and attempting to repair the generator with no knowledge could lead to injury.

If you’re not a professional, we advise that you don’t try to fix your generator yourself. Attempting to fix a generator could be costly in the long run and cause it to break even further.

We can identify faults before they get worse and avoid any potential repairs. It’s common knowledge that the longer you use a generator, the weaker the system becomes. At Pleavin Power, we take pride in knowing that our products are made with the highest quality in mind, so the chances of them breaking out are extremely slim.

Our expert team is highly knowledgeable and will be able to successfully repair any generator. Regardless of whether your generator runs on gas, petrol, diesel, or HVO, you won’t need to worry about how you’re going to fix it.

Generator For Sale Swansea

If you’re based in Swansea and you’re thinking about investing in a generator, then you’ve come to the right place. We have a wide range of high-quality generators available for purchase. 

There are many reasons that you might require a generator, whether it be that you’re running an outdoor event business or you’re a homeowner looking to get backup power in emergencies. Generators are a sensible investment that can help get you through the worst times.

Not sure which generator would be best for you? No need to worry, speak to our friendly support team who will be able to advise you on the best purchase based on your situation and needs. To view our collection today, visit our website.