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Can Biodiesel Be Used In Generators?

As a result of more people becoming environmentally friendly through the realisation of their actions having negative connotations to the world – this has resulted in green energy growing exponentially. As a result, people are starting to ponder about using biodiesel as an alternative for their generators.

With this in mind, there are things that you will need to take into consideration before you opt to use biodiesel fuel in your generator.

With the below information, you will be able to obtain more of a grasp concerning the origins of biodiesel along with the pros and cons – ultimately guiding you about using it to power your generator.


What Is Biodiesel Fuel?

Biodiesel fuel at this minute in time is quite a rare commodity which can be fairly hard to purchase. Even when it is found, it can be quite pricey compared to your normal regular diesel.

Regardless of its current availability, biodiesel fuel is starting to become the best low-carbon alternative to fossil fuels.

With its current rise, we believe that in the future – it will more than likely be used as the common fuel that you see today (akin to petrol).

Biodiesel is an alternative fuel that’s obtained from oils such as vegetable oil, animal oils, tallow as well as cooking oil.

This results in it becoming a unique selling point which has resulted in people wanting biodiesel. Given that it’s ‘carbon neutral’ it won’t make any carbon emissions on the planet when it starts up whilst still providing the necessary power needed.


Is It Actually Beneficial For The Environment?

The reason why biodiesel is considered to be great for the environment is that it’s known to be extremely ‘carbon neutral’ when being used as a fuel source. There are some people, however, that don’t believe biodiesel is not carbon neutral.

Regardless of individual notions, it is great to be able to grow and regrow cops that you can produce through fuel production.

Resulting in a far better environment overall – rather than destroying the planet’s fossil fuels which cannot be reproduced.


What Are The Benefits Of Biodiesel Fuel?

Since companies and individuals alike are starting to become environmentally savvy – the eagerness to seek alternative fuel sources to power generators has grown substantially. Below are some of the benefits that biodiesel has:


Increased Lubrication

This type of alternative fuel has much better lubrication than your regular diesel fuel. This is a crucial benefit as good lubrication reduces any potential wear and tear on your generator, which will prolong the lifespan of your generator, thus resulting in you getting your money’s worth.

In addition to the above, biodiesel doesn’t produce sulfur. Sulfer is a potent gas so it actually improves the air quality around you compared to other types of fuel sources.



Another key benefit of opting for biodiesel is the varying fuel types that it can produce on demand – rather than fossil fuels which are in danger of running out.

After a prolonged period, fuels such as natural gasses and crude oils will no longer circulate in evolution. With this in mind, biodiesel is made up of vegetable oil derived from crops.

Not only can biodiesel be produced through crops, but it can also be created from animal fats and even recycled grease. These oils can be converted into biodiesel fuel which has found its way into the power generator industry.


Low Emissions

Biodiesel fuel emits far fewer pollutants than traditional diesel fuel. Given this fact, this has resulted in far more people & businesses starting to use biodiesel – rather than other types of fuels as it shows that you care about the planet and the impact that you have.


Can You Use Biodiesel In Your Power Generator?

You can use biodiesel fuel inside just about any diesel generator. However, when you start to use biodiesel fuel that is created from animal fats or vegetable oil then you are going to need to have a generator model that has a special conversion.

The reason for this is that vegetable oil is a thick substance in comparison to diesel fuel. To have your biodiesel generators operational, you can source generators that have a secondary fuel system installed.

The generator will start beforehand using diesel, although once the right temperature has been met – it will smoothly transition over to your biodiesel fuel.

This initial startup will not produce the aforementioned emissions that can potentially harm the planet. Alternatively, you can purchase a generator that exclusively runs on biodiesel.



Before you start to switch over to biodiesel fuel to run your power generator – it is worth doing additional research if necessary before you make the leap. It’s imperative that you weigh up the pros and cons of your current situation and whether it makes sense to start using biodiesel fuel.

These factors will range from different types to additional reasons such as the model of your generator, the daily usage and many more. If you want to make the smoothest possible transition over to biodiesel fuel then you may be looking into purchasing a generator model that completely runs from biodiesel fuel to give you the best results without any problems.

If you are looking to purchase or hire a power generator but are unsure of the next steps. We understand that it can be a daunting process to find the ideal power generator for your situation.

Our friendly support team is always on hand to listen to any queries you may have to advise you on the best steps moving forward whilst also providing the best & smoothest experience as possible.

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