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How Does A Standby Generator Work?

Having a standby generator installed inside your home can automatically supply you power when you need it the most during sudden unwanted power outages, these could be caused by a number of things such as storms, natural disasters and many more…

If you’ve lived through any natural storms and bad weather, you’ll often find that it can leave electricity companies near you damaged and ruined which leads to your home and residents around you without any power whether this would be hours, days or even worse weeks which nobody wants to go through especially if you are in a packed home!

If you are lucky, you can see your power up and running in just one day but sometimes even something as short as a day can be too long especially if you have refrigerators and freezers inside your home which can cause wasted food and could potentially leave you heavily out of pocket to restock the food inside your household.

With a standby generator on hand, you can avoid any flooding inside your home through your freezer stopping and you can use your water and electrical appliances as normal meaning you can begin to carry on with life as normal while there’s a power outage in your home.

The best way to avoid potential power issues is to install a Standby generator. Standby generators are extremely convenient as they automatically turn on as soon as they detect things such as lack of power, operate on the propane tank of your home or municipal natural gas.

Eliminating any potential worries you may have regarding frequent power outages – especially if you are noticing it happening fairly often which may be due to an ageing grid infrastructure.

They are known for providing people with sound peace of mind and safety from power cuts. You won’t have to control it as well as they monitor your power throughout the day whether you are at home watching television, at work or in a different country on holiday.

As soon as it detects an outage, within a quick couple of seconds it will turn on and supply well-needed power to you and everyone inside your home.


Standby Generators Are Reliable For Backup Power

A standby generator is a permanently installed appliance by companies such as Pleavin Power, they are installed with a natural gas or propane engine (there are also more standby generators available for you to purchase such as diesel-powered standby generators) installing it with these means that it’s able to generate serious quality-power as soon as a power outage occurs.

The main components inside the machine include the engine power this handy piece of equipment powers the machine smoothly. The size of the engine inside your standby generator matters as it is equal to the power capacity your standby generator has.

The larger the capacity of your generator has, it will require more power you to turn the generator which helps produce that well-needed electricity for you. There’s a variety of standby generators on the market and engines start from two cylinders all the way up to eight.

An alternator or as some people refer it to as the generating unit creates the same altering current that your electricity provider creates.

It creates a clean current, which is needed for its frequency to be stable, your voltage isn’t constantly fluctuating and the generator can supply sufficient reserve current to begin the motors and handle any fast-changing loads that may occur e.g. if your central air conditioning system turns on.

The micro-based controller inside your Standby generator handles a multitude of functions without us even knowing. It automatically starts your generator when power is down and even prepares itself to take the load. Runs an exercise cycle which helps keep the engine fully lubricated and protects the seals from breaking.

It even performs diagnostics and will alert you on any potential problems and even give an alert to the dealer of your Standby Generator.

If you aren’t anywhere near your generator, some have remote access where you can receive updates on it and even access the controller.

The largest engines that you will come across on the market are the liquid-cooled generators and these incorporate a cooling system that’s very similar to the ones that you’d find inside a car.

This pumps and it circulates through the coolant through the engine to a radiator causing a fan to blow air past the radiator to get rid of unwanted heat from the coolant and makes its way back through the engine.

You may find that a liquid-coolant engine is needed if you currently reside in an area that has high heat temperature as air-cooled generators won’t be able to handle the ambient temperature.


(ATS) Automatic Transfer Switch

Now the automatic transfer switch is the part that allows the generator to create power as soon as an outage is detected.

The Automatic Transfer Switch or ATS as it’s known in short selects what the home’s power source is. When the utility power reaches the standard that is acceptable, the ATS begins to select the utility power which is best.

If the power quality starts to become insufficient such as if a power outage happens to happen. Your Standby Generator controller begins to start the controller and then starts to stabilize it while signalling your ATS to switch the power source over to your Standby Generator.

While switching over your power source to the generator, it has been signalled to isolate your home from your electricity provider utility lines. The reason for this is that it helps prevent any danger to utility workers and stops the generator overloading which nobody wants happening!

When your generator controller decides that your utility power has started to go back to its normal levels and has stabilized, the controller on your generator signals to the ATS that it’s time to switch back to your utility power and then your generator will start to prepare for shutdown by starting with a cooling cycle.

At Pleavin Power, as well as selling generators, we also offer generators that you can hire that we also repair if there are any issues.

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