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Sponsorship for James Croxton


Sponsorship for the Ultimate Pool Professional James Croxton

News: Announcement

Pleavin Power is delighted to announce an exciting new sponsorship for James Croxton, a professional English 8 Ball Pool player. James will be playing at The Ultimate Pool Professional Cup, the largest event organised by Ultimate Pool to date. 


Held between the 27th and 30th December this year, a four-day event will be live on all BT Sport’s platforms bringing the broadest exposure for the sport so far. Currently featuring 48 professional players, the event will take place at Players Pool and Snooker Lounge in Newcastle under Lyme. 


Ultimate Pool’s Chief Executive Officer Lee Kendall said: “Ultimate Pool is now entering the next phase of its development to provide our dedicated players the exposure and rewards their talents richly deserve. It is widely acknowledged that 8-ball pool is now the most competitively played cuesport in the UK and we are looking at the big picture and potential that it has.”


With years of experience and expertise, our sponsored James Croxton is now an Ultimate Pool Professional, Professional Cup Champion and a Professional Trophy Champion. Therefore, it is a pleasure to sponsor and support the talents of our own.


James will also attend the series of Ultimate Pool events in 2022, shown live on FreeSports TV and On-Demand App. The series will start with the two brand new events – Ultimate Pool Professional Grand Slam and the Ultimate Pool Challenger Grand Slam, bringing action between the 18th and 20th of February. All the Ultimate Pool’s events will carry exceptional prizes, with some of the biggest money prizes in the sport at present.


Becoming the Ultimate Pool Group Professional will be an aspiration for amateur players across the globe and a real achievement for Pool professionals. We look forward to seeing James playing at the Tournaments and wish him the best of luck!


Keep posted via James Croxton Ultimate Pool Professional on Facebook and follow James Croxton’s personal account on Facebook and LinkedIn for further updates. James Croxton will also be sponsored by Oxi Garden, PopFastFood, Players Pool and Snooker Lounge, and CL Solutions Ltd.



The professional pool player Jimmy Croxton with a Pleavin Power sponsor on his shirt.
A pool tournament t-shirt with the Pleavin Power logo on the T-shirt
A pool player with a Pleavin Power sponsor on his shirt.

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