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What Is Included in A Generator Repair Service?

To get the most out of your generator you are going to be regularly doing maintenance on it to make sure everything is working at full capacity. Generators play a massive role in reducing the risk of appliances going down in the unfortunate event of a power outage whether that would be in an office or inside the comfort of your own house.

A generator repair service is an important part of maintenance for your standby generator or portable generator. When you contact a power company, many offer a tailored generator repair service based on what works best for your needs and equipment.

A generator uses everything from gasoline, and diesel to propane and operates with many moving parts meaning that it is prone to the odd breakdown. If you want your generator to perform then it’s in your best interest to check up on your generator for it to be working for you all year round.


Generator Service Overview

Some components of your generator will need weekly or monthly checks depending on how much you use your generator throughout the day. This includes checking the levels of your fuel and coolant.

Other types of maintenance that can be done with a generator service are checking electrical wiring, and battery cables and changing your fuel and any air filter accessories that come with your generator.

Companies will always keep routine maintenance for your generator and schedule for when your next service is required based on what model your generator is and how much it’s used and how much you plan to use it.

If you are planning for more comprehensive maintenance for your generator then you can arrange with a power company for regular visit services and they can be scheduled for you weekly, monthly or every quarter depending on what suits your situation the best.

A good company will take the time to understand your situation and then provide a service that’s tailored based on what’s best for you.


What Services Are Provided?

When you get your generator repaired, you’ll typically be offered other services, from inspections to preventative maintenance.



Many faults can be found by the eye of an expert, inspections involve checking everything in and around your generator such as checking the exhaust system, and control systems and making sure all the electrical equipment is okay to ensure that there’s optimal performance.

If a problem is found by inspection, then the generator should be shut down immediately and repaired to avoid your systems failing.


Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance service on your generator normally includes testing your engine with regular exercise, fuel system service, load tests, checking your cooling system, lubrication and servicing and testing your batteries to make sure they work.


Generator Repair

If you know for a fact your generator has broken or if on inspection the company find that your generator needs fixing. Then the company doing the generator repair services will easily be able to source the parts needed and fix your generator.


Why Is It Important For You To Use A Generator Repair Service?

You must be doing regular maintenance and using a generator repair service for your generator as if you are running a business then it could be potentially costing you hundreds of pounds with a faulty generator.

Here are a few key benefits when it comes to using a generator repair service:


Prevents Any Potential Fuel Problems

Without the proper maintenance of your generator, your generator can become a lot more susceptible to fuel problems. Problems such as clogged fuel and dead batteries could be extremely dangerous.

These types of problems can completely ruin your generator if they are left unchecked and regular maintenance with repair services can help you solve this problem without any fuss.


Keeps Your Generator Running Longer

A generator can be very expensive, especially so it’s only right that you want to get the full price out of your purchase. By ensuring you are using a generator repair service, the lifespan of the generator will not only increase but it will run smoothly without any problems.


Keeps It Reliable

A generator is something that you should always be able to rely on in case of a power emergency, so the last thing we’d want is when there’s no power is our generator not being able to work correctly.

So it’s key that regular service and maintenance are being run on your generator by professionals with years of experience in generators.


Avoid Any Accidents

As said before generators run on various amounts of gases such as diesel, natural gas and propane. If you aren’t servicing your generator then this might result in fuel leakage.

Natural gas and propane can be very hazardous if a leak goes unnoticed for a long period, the last thing we want is for your household or any employees of your business to end up with potentially life-threatening injuries due to unwanted leakage of gas.


Saves You Money

Ignoring using a generator repair service at the time might seem like it’s saving you money but in reality, it’s doing the complete opposite. Ignoring real care on your generator you will only have more problems come your way in due time and some worse cases you would have to get rid of your generator altogether and purchase a new one which could cost you thousands of pounds especially if you are running a big operation.



Here at Pleavin Power, we want your generator to be working when your power cut emergency happens that’s why as part of our generator repair services we are always available for you to contact us for any technical support with our expert knowledge.

All of our services here are bespoke to you or your business, there’s a complete range of services from oil, fuel and coolant sampling, fuel management & polishing, load testing, watch-keeping and an emergency generator rental so that you are always prepared.

Our expert team will discuss with you these options and then select the most relevant service package based on the discussion.

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