200 kVA Generators

Here at Pleavin Power, understanding the requirements for power nowadays in the midst of a nationwide energy crisis can be extremely worrying for people all around the UK. With it being unknown whether you will experience a power cut or shortage at any given moment, preparing the best you can for this unfortunate scenario is what is demanded.

Of course, you can stick with your current provider… but if you’re with the national grid, you could be waiting hours to speak to someone before resolving the problem. Yet, having your own source of power in the vicinity of your household or business gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you won’t have to rely on someone else for power requirements.

We completely sympathise with enterprises and homes around the country and our mission is to stop the incremental weather from affecting your daily schedule – thus, you can carry on with your day without thinking about how you’re going to deal with a power outage.

Why Use a 200 kVA Generator as a Power Source?

These diesel generators that we furnish here at Pleavin Power have some cutting-edge benefits that no other power supply can offer you. No matter whether it is going to be a home generator or a generator for domestic or commercial properties, as we’ve mentioned above – you will have an independent power source that you can rely on at all times.

With the correct servicing and maintenance, you will no longer have to rely on others to be your power supplier. Now, with this diesel model, you will experience a quiet running engine and an environmentally friendly fuel type.

As these generator sets are extremely reliable and efficient, you will find that you will not have to fill up the tank as frequently, due to it releasing less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Keeping necessary appliances running in your home or business will not only prevent you from wasting time fixing the problem, but you will save money too.

If your company is the only running business in the event of a power cut, you will prevent your profit margins from taking a hit. Others may be out of business for multiple days which cannot be afforded by most of the country – thus, being safe in times of despair can save your business from any further troubles.

As for your home, energy is the key to most components that keep you safe, such as central heating, lighting, fridges and many more. Without these vital appliances, it will be exceedingly challenging to live in a comfortable state for a sustained period of time.

200 kVA Generator Size

If you’re looking to install a 200 kVA generator in your home or business, it is important to first understand the size of the power source. This way, you will not have to worry about returning the item because it is too small or big for the space you have available.

Here at Pleavin Power, if you’re looking to invest in a 200 kVA diesel generator with us, you can expect the dimensions to be 3100mm x 1100mm x 1600mm. We supply our customers with the leading generator suppliers that we know last the test of time.

Supplying our customers with only the finest generators in the business is in alignment with our integrity and high standards throughout the daily services we provide.

The best is the only option with Pleavin Power and if your dimensions mirror the 200 kVA generators below, you will be able to independently provide prime and backup power to the vast majority of your property.

With the generator’s size being within these dimensions, we would recommend that if you haven’t measured the proximity of a particular area before that you hire a professional to take this duty off your hands.

Especially if you know it may be a tight fit – hiring an expert for the job will ensure that you receive accurate measurements and confirmation of whether this generator will fit where you want it to go.

How Much Fuel Will a 200 kVA Generator Use?

Depending on the workload you see on your control panels, if you use your generator at 50% power capacity, you will use 7.7 gallons per hour. Whereas, if you use your 200 kVA generator to its maximum workload, you can expect to use 14.4 gallons per hour.

As you can see from this miniature chart, if you use the maximum workload, you can expect to fill up your generator more regularly than if you were to use half the capacity required. For this reason, assessing whether you need your generator for backup or prime power purposes is crucial.

Not only that, but you will need to assess how much power specific appliances need to run consistently. This way, you can recognise what will be out of your generator’s reach when it comes to running it at maximum capacity at all times.

If the kW of the job required is 160kW or over, your generator will not be able to keep up with the pace it needs to for long before you ought to refill your fuel tank. However, most appliances will run at 160 kW or below, so this generator can undoubtedly serve a purpose as both your standby power source and backup power generator also.

Why Choose Pleavin Power For Your 200 kVA Generators?

With diesel systems typically having a longer life cycle than a petrol model, added to the fact that Pleavin Power opts to supply you with highly-rated generator brands from across the world such as Pramac, Cummins, Honda, etc – this pairing can not go wrong.

Beneath, you will find a vast selection of durable, low-maintenance generators from us that have been tried and tested by our power specialists. On top of receiving this generator, if you choose Pleavin Power, we have a wide range of leading power generation services available for your three-phase diesel generator or multi-phase diesel generator.

This way, you won’t have to worry about your generator performing at an optimal level as you will always have us to rely on. Our integrity, professionalism and dedication towards our customers are what is earning us the spot as a top-of-the-line leader in this competitive industry.

If you’re undecided on the generator you want to purchase below, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately and we’ll be sure to give you all the answers you need to bolster excellent results in your domestic or commercial environment!

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