220 kVA Generators

At Pleavin Power, we bolster a vast load of heavy-duty 220 kVA generators from the world’s leading generator brands across the globe. Cummins, Pramac and Honda have been highly renowned and reliable for a number of years with their innovative generators.

Below, these diesel-powered generators are in store for our customers looking to provide prime power to their commercial businesses and homes or even just backup power in the event of a long-duration power cut.

We sympathise with those who are struggling in this current energy crisis and instead of trusting unreliable power sources via the National Grid, you will have access to your own independent power controller – meaning you will have much more control over the capabilities of your appliances that need power. View our power operation generators here!

Why Invest in a 220 kVA Generator?

Whether you’re on the market for a standby diesel generator or a backup generator, this 220 kVA generator can act as a multi-purpose power source for your commercial or residential premises.

Although this is a more heavy-duty generator with a powerful diesel engine/ power output – we have ensured that they’re simple to use for our customers when getting used to installing it into their desired properties.

With easy-to-read control panels, an efficient diesel fuel tank, three-phase generator functions and many more – this power origin will give you all you need for optimal performance, year-round.

Especially in the winter time, with incremental weather always an issue and the shortage in energy compared to the previous years – it is now more important than ever to take control of your energy in times of uncertainty.

Diesel is typically louder than a petrol generator but because of the porous metal surrounding the main engine – we have made sure we’ve invested in models that are as quiet as possible, assuring that complaints are few and far between.

At Pleavin Power, we’re extremely passionate about helping the wider community with solving their energy problems and finding reliable solutions to replace their current provider for the long term.

Our undivided attention will be focused on providing our customers and clients with products and services with a level of genuine commitment that has and will continue to impress the masses.

How Big is a 220 kVA Generator?

Before you decide to install these generator sets, you need to align them with all the dimensions within the premises you’re planning to establish them in. The dimension of this heavy-duty 220 kVA generator is 3325mm x 1134mm x 1666mm with a dry weight of anywhere from 1993kg to 2984kg.

If you’re thinking of obtaining a generator of this magnitude, we would recommend that you’re absolutely sure this is the model that fits your tailored needs. With the weight it holds and the dimensions they cover, it will not be easy to get in and out.

We’re all about transparency and want you to find the model that suits you the best. Thus, if you’re looking for a standby generator or backup generator, we would recommend you hire a professional to come and measure the space you’re thinking of placing a generator. This way, you will find if the dimensions above will justify the space you have.

What Does the 220 kVA Generator Fuel Consumption Look Like?

With this being one of our mid-range generators, the fuel consumption is around the midpoint of what you’d expect. At 100% load, the 220 kVA generator models will use around 45 to 50 litres of diesel per hour. Whereas, at 50% load, you’re looking at between 20 to 25 litres per hour.

At Pleavin Power, we suggest not using the full power factor, otherwise, you will be burning fuel at a rate that may cause you to spend lots of money on diesel. Although diesel is excellent at preserving fuel, if you’re using 100% load power at all times, any fuel type will run out quicker than half the load.

Therefore, we recommend you use 50% of the power rating more often than 100% load. For standby power, we suggest you use around 176 kW of power or below for optimal performance and less stress on the generator.

To guarantee there are no mistakes when setting up your commercial or domestic power plan, we suggest that you total up the wattage of everything that you’re going to need power for. If the power exceeds this amount, a bigger generator will be needed. Whereas, if it’s 176kw or below, you’ll be ready to set up your top-of-the-line generator.

Why Use a Diesel Engine For a 220 kVA Generator?

Diesel is one of the most environmentally-amiable gases on the planet and continues to thrive when installed in a generator for all the right reasons. Not only is diesel rugged and reliable, but with the porous materials surrounding the engine, they’re much quieter nowadays.

Over the years, diesel has been shown to have a life cycle like no other gas and can continue to run for much longer than its counterparts. This is due to the better lubrication and less wear it provides for the generators.

If you’re in need of a reliable generator that you’re looking to keep for a long time without it losing any power capabilities, check out the wide range of 220 kVA generators that we have in stock here at Pleavin Power!

Why Go With Pleavin Power For 220 kVA Generators?

So, what makes us stand out from the crowd in this competitive industry of selling high-quality generators for businesses and homes around the country? Well, most businesses that sell generators often just provide you with the product and leave you to your own devices.

Whereas, at Pleavin Power, we have a vast range of services to pair your generator nicely in order to certify that your generator is always running smoothly. Anything from remote monitoring to see how your generator is performing to generator servicing live in the flesh to fix any niggles preventing you from getting the best from your generator.

Being one of the leading power generation service providers, we’re confident that you will be happy with everything that you receive from Pleavin Power as our commitment, professionalism and reliability in this field is second to none.

Thus, if you’re ready to invest in your generator, contact our team today and we’ll give you the advice you need to see successful results after purchase!

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