300 kVA Generators

Here at Pleavin Power, we offer exclusive 300 kVA Cummins diesel generators in our extensive range of portable and heavy-duty generator sets to best suit our customers’ needs when installing a new power source into their domestic or commercial property.

With the pressures rising to incorporate a reliable energy source in homes and businesses around the country, there is often a lot of confusion when it comes to obtaining a sustainable, environmentally friendly and independent power source.

However, with our 300 kVA generators, you can expect to relish all of these qualities above in abundance. Our expert team has tried and tested models from the biggest brands in the world and will only furnish you with the best generators. View your options below to see what you can install, today!

Key Features of Our 300 kVA Generators

With this being a heavy-duty generator, before deciding whether this is the right option for you and the space you have designated for a generator – it is crucial to understand the key features of our reliable power generators.

Firstly, this generator stands at 3086mm x 1360mm x 2017.8mm (L x W x H) with an open weight of 3213 KGs. This generator is classified as a heavy-duty generator that provides both standby power and prime power to your necessary appliances.

An optimal frequency of 50 Hz prevents your generator from losing a hefty amount of transmission in the process – essentially assuring that our customers are saving as much money as possible servicing their generators.

As for the prime power and standby power, the optimal range for your standby power will be around 240 kVA and for your prime power – 220 kVA. The reason for this is that as a backup generator, your standby power equipment can use a lot more power in a short space of time to get everything up and running.

However, once you begin using your generator for prime power (running appliances constantly), you cannot run your generator at maximum capacity otherwise it will begin to overheat and cause problems.

At Pleavin Power, these key features allow our customers to enjoy their silent diesel generator set with many additional and unique features compared to all our competitors.

Benefits of Our 300 kVA Cummins Diesel Generator

One of the main advantages of investing in our 300 kVA Cummins diesel generator is that the fuel tank is optimised with diesel. Diesel is known to be a compound that lasts the test of time compared to any other fuel, such as petrol, that you can utilise.

Durable, environmentally friendly, and low-noise (sound attenuating) diesel engine generators by Pleavin Power are designed to innovate the way you view your traditional power tools. Now, you will have independent power output built to resolve all of your power solutions via Cummins engineers.

No longer will you have to worry about contacting your local power grid in busy times to restore your power during a power cut. Now, you will have a plan in place to face this problem, whether that be to keep your business running or run essential home appliances at all times.

Power failure and power shortage in the UK are becoming a common occurrence, especially with the energy crisis that is happening, added to the unpredictable weather forecasts.

Investing in our 300 kVA generator will not only be a versatile option for both emergencies and prime power functions, but you will have peace of mind that your business or home will never go without power.

Every generator we ship to our customers (and install if you need) will only be of the highest quality from the leading brands around the world – along with all the support required for optimal generator placement.

What Will Your Fuel Consumption Look Like at Different Loads?

The benefits of our 300 kVA Cummins diesel generators are clear but understanding the fuel consumption levels you’re going to have to keep up with is crucial. With this being a heavy-duty generator, you can expect to expend more diesel in your fuel tank.

However, what you’re gaining in return is a huge load of power every time you need your 300 kVA generator – meaning that you will have it available for almost any function required for yourself.

At 100% load with this power generator, you can expect your fuel consumption levels to be 57.3 litres per hour of use. Therefore, if you’re using it for prime appliances, you won’t be using this much diesel per hour (as the power output won’t be at 100% capacity).

At Pleavin Power, we would recommend that you calculate the amount of power in volts that you’re going to need your generator for as we believe that equipment should always be installed with longevity in mind. This way, you can see if you’ll be on the high end of this generator’s capacity or just at the correct level for optimum performance.

Why Choose Pleavin Power as Your Generator Supplier

For the 300 kVA Cummins diesel generator in our extensive range of generators we have at other power capacities, you can expect unrivalled customer service from our team of professionals. Our integrity and passion for this field of work are like no other and we’ll always be happy to chat with you regarding your intentions and help as best as we can.

Customer needs should go above anything else when providing high-quality products and services. We have full faith in our products and services being the finest in the UK and we’re willing to travel nationwide to tailor our time around your desires.

With our generators, we will happily provide you with HIAB delivery, trailer delivery and installation too so you’re not left confused by what has to be done. Our models also come with a battery charger, water heater, internal fuel tank and many more to ensure that you’re equipped with everything you need for an excellent experience.

If you’re looking to invest in our range of diesel generators, we would advise you to speak to a member of our team and talk through how we can best implement this in your desired area.

Planning the measurements and installation, along with the services you require for the job will be the best course of action. Speak to our team today at 0151 832 5007 or email [email protected] for additional information!

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