44 kVA Generators

At Pleavin Power, we have a team of experts that are all skilled and knowledgeable in the field of backup power generators of all kinds.

We are dedicated to delivering independent power sources to people all across the UK in order to prevent power problems in areas prone to power cuts.

No matter what you need a our services and supplies for, we have a great number of ways in which we can help from supplying generators for hire to repairing your already owned generators whether you are a customer or not!

The 44 kVA Cummins generators that we have in our stock are some of the best that money can buy on the market today. These units are reliable sources of power for a great number of different jobs in your home or business.

If you are concerned about the recent weather conditions in your area or are expecting a power cut in the coming days due to maintenance, backup generators are definitely an excellent choice for you to keep your home from experiencing any problems.

What You Should Know About Our 44 kVA Generators

These generators are built with reliability and versatility in mind, they have been specifically designed to be used as either standby power generators or prime power generators so you will be able to use these for both!

These generators also come with their fair share of key features that you should be aware of before you choose to buy a unit such as a battery charger, water heater and a set mounted 4-pole circuit breaker among other things.

This CPG generator allows for completely integrated power support for emergencies, guarenteed to be working at optimum capacity providing great level of performance to ensure that you are not without power for extended periods of time.

Along with the great benefits that our 44 kVA generators give you, we are able to provide the following services in order to make sure that the entire operation goes smoothly with your generator installation: HIAB Delivery; Trailer Delivery; Full Installation; Fuel Tanks; Service and Maintenance Contracts.

What Does Your 44 kVA Generator Come With?

As we briefly discussed earlier, there are plenty of great features that come with your 44 kVA generator including the battery charger and water heater.

The battery charger is an incredibly useful tool to have as it is essential to keep the battery fully charged for as long as possible. This is vital for the continued functioning of the generator in the long term.

The 4-pole Circuit Breaker in this unit also proves to be incredibly advantageous over other generator types as it allows for the isolation of three phases as well as the neutral of the three-phase line which 3-pole and 2-pole circuit breakers do not offer.

The internal fuel tank is another major component of the generator and is perfect for the sizes that these generators come in. We ensure that we have generators that will be very efficient with their fuel and the size of the fuel tank plays an important role in this.

When we provide our generator installation services, we also ensure that we have lifting eyes on all of our units to make sure that we are able to place and remove them with ease each time it is necessary.

Benefits of Our 44 kVA Generators

While this generator is not capable of taking on the heavy-duty jobs like that of our larger generators such as the 400 kVA unit, these can be utilised in a multitude of different ways that will be greatly beneficial to you in the long term.

These generators are perfect for providing your home with extra power as soon as necessary without needing to pay too much for a massive generator.

We also like to make sure that all of our generators are able to run incredibly quietly to be able to be deployed in all kinds of rural and urban areas alike without disturbing your neighbours or the general environment with noise pollution.

This will allow you to utilise your generator in the exact place in which you will need it most, may this be at home, for an office space or perhaps for a smaller section of a factory or construction site.

The 44 kVA generators that we provide are guaranteed to outlive the use that you need it for and will be sure to fulfill more than just one use, you may begin to find that generators are used for much more than you could have ever imagined otherwise.

Why Choose Us?

At Pleavin Power, we make sure that our customers are presented with every option available to them and we are happy to provide you with some helpful information regarding which generator is going to be better for you.

We have a dedicated team of professionals in the field of generator servicing, generator repairs and generator relocation that are always on hand to help in any way that we can.

Every service that we provide aims to improve the experience of generator management to ensure that all of your power concerns are dealt with as soon as possible.

We will be available to support you throughout the entire process whether you are in need of generator relocation, maintenance, repairs or even diesel generator fuel polishing, our team can provide it.

If you are interested in either buying a generator from our stock such as our 44 kVA generator or perhaps you need a larger, heavy-duty unit like our 400 kVA generator or enquiring about some of the services that we can provide for your already-owned generator, please feel free to get in touch with a member of our support team at 0151 832 5007 or email us at [email protected] and we will make it our priority to reply to you as soon as possible.

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