450 kVA Generators

At Pleavin Power, we have many years of experience in providing power generators to clients and customers of ours across the UK. We have a selection of generators that range in size depending on the uses that you are in need of them for.

This wide offering allows us to be able to cater all kinds of businesses and personal properties which means that we have a much wider knowledge of backup generators.

Power generators of all sizes can be used for a multitude of different purposes from illuminating your home in the event of a power outage to providing extra power to workspaces to accommodate multiple members of staff.

One of the units that we offer is our heavy-duty 450 kVA generator which can be used for all of your larger power supply issues. Read on to find out more!

Uses of a 450 kVA Generator

Typically, 450 kVA generators are used for backup power supplies as opposed to being deployed in home spaces as they are far too large for these jobs. This would lead to a lot of extra power being wasted on a job that could be done by a much smaller and cheaper unit.

450 kVA generators are best suited for use in an area such as a power plant or a factory as they will be more than capable of supplying power to certain areas of larger facilities like this.

This can also include construction sites as these will always be in need of power throughout the site to power certain tools making a power generator a necessity during the job.

If you or a family member are living in a farmhouse, then a large generator like this could be of great use as it can be used perfectly to ensure that you have power for your home appliances/lighting and facilities for any animals or outdoor spaces you have on your land.

Dimensions and Specifications

When buying a brand new heavy-duty generator it is very important that you take into consideration the size of these units as they can get to a vast size depending on the power output that they give off.

For example, our 450 kVA generators have dimensions of 3686mm x 1100mm x 2180mm meaning that you will need a space larger than this to effectively store the generator correctly.

These generators also have a dry weight of 3116 kg which combined with the total size of the unit shows that these generators cannot really be installed in many places outside of industrial-sized areas.

Understanding the specifications of any machine will allow you to truly get to grips with what your generator is capable of which is why it is always one of the first things that you should pay attention to when buying a new unit.

Benefits of a 450 KVA Generator

Generators of this size have a great number of benefits that they will be able to provide you with from the noise to the fuel type that they are able to use.

As briefly stated above, one of the key benefits that our 450 kVA generators offer above other units of this size is that they are much quieter than many people may expect from such a large power generator.

This means that you will be much less likely to receive any noise complaints from nearby residents and will produce much less noise pollution in general.

Another of the major benefits that a 450 kVA Cummins generator will provide to you is that they are all run on diesel fuel which is an incredibly cost-efficient and easily storable fuel source.

Diesel is much more efficient than that of petrol or most other fuels meaning that your generator will be able to stay functional for much longer than most other types of generators.

Fuel Consumption

While large backup power generators have their vast array of unique benefits, one thing that must be taken into consideration before you confirm your purchase is whether the fuel consumption will be an issue for you.

Because of the amount of power that heavy-duty generators are required to deliver, this can cause the fuel consumption figures to take a hit as there is simply not enough fuel to keep these levels at the same number.

In our 450 kVA units, the fuel consumption levels are at around 82 litres consumed per hour which can be problematic for some as 82 litres is a lot to accommodate for any business practice consistently.

This is one of the first things that you should look into when buying a new generator for a larger business as this can be a large part of the workload of owning a generator.

Why Choose Us?

At Pleavin Power, we ensure that each and every one of our customers have all of the information necessary to make an informed decision on their power solutions.

We want to ensure that you are completely happy with the generators that you are receiving by offering services in generator maintenance and generator repairs to keep them in the best condition possible for a long amount of time.

Our team are also happy to provide generator relocation services alongside fuel polishing and engine reconditioning to make your generator operate at its maximum capacity.

We are professionals in a multitude of different fields when it comes to generator usage, we are thrilled to be able to pass on our expertise to our clients across the country.

If you are interested in buying a power generator of ours or would like some further information on a unit in our stock, you can get in touch with a member of our support team at 0151 832 5007 or email us at [email protected] and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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