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Data Centres

Data Centres

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Generators are an essential piece of equipment for data centres. This niche requires various functions to store and process data between a plethora of opposing servers. Certain servers may be sufficient in order to cover a multitude of areas within a business. Therefore, in the event of a power cut (if there is no backup power plan available) – the loss of data, servers and crucial information could easily be lost within a blink of an eye.

Data centre generators will assist in keeping your information safe, no matter whether there is a power grid failure. At Pleavin Power, our range of generator services are tailored to prevent some of these serious issues from occurring – while providing some mind-blowing benefits to add to your power systems.

What Is The Purpose Of A Generator For Data Centres?

Becoming reliant on your current power source can be one of the worst decisions you can make. The national power grid is known for having a high frequency of technology, people and other devices connected to it. Consequently, it can become challenging to keep up with all the power usage that is coming from all the different sources in your local area.

Distribution failures and transmission failures are the most common purposes of power outages. Additionally, the least common (yet still possible) is an electricity supply shortage. Whereas, if you take a look at Pleavin Power’s array of generators, you will notice that the power supplied is indestructible, 24/7.

Working in a field as sensitive as data centres, it is easy to forget that you have thousands of files and processes running throughout the day that are essential for productive tasks. If you’re regularly busy and need consistent energy that has no risks attached – then view our generators section to explore your options.

Power outages can occur routinely, which can cause expensive maintenance to restore all the files and downloads. To prevent you from having to spend your hard-earned money and regaining wasted time – potentially seeking a replacement or new generator would be a better solution than worrying constantly.

What Generators Are Most Effective For Data Centres?

A diesel generator and a natural gas generator are the most common generators used for data centres around the globe. Their efficient functions after a power outage will ensure that none of your primary data is lost – providing that the control and energy provided are top-notch.

A mission-critical is almost always the case for data centres – meaning that a lot of the responsibilities around data centres are paramount. For example, if you’re a technology-based company that sells services through your online work – if you can’t access the files that allow you to do the work, it will be a pointless operation.

Not only will the fuel from diesel generators be great for significant load steps, but the generator sets will require minimal maintenance due to their durability. Similarly, with natural gas generators, you will have a less expensive (yet extremely efficient) source of energy provided – whilst reducing carbon emissions.

Saving customers an abundance of money (due to no power outages) and keeping the site online while everything else is being disrupted creates an incentive to look closer into these power generator sets.

Benefits Of Our Generators

Throughout our broad collection, we have a power generator to suit any of your future desires. Whether you want to be more eco-friendly with a natural gas generator, or make it more affordable for your customers with a diesel generator – the choice is truly yours.

Doing your due diligence and researching each type of generator to see which aligns with your philosophy the best is essential. Although they all have their differences, there are some overall benefits that come with these products that we believe you need to learn.

Using this small guide will help you decide whether you think this is the right purchase for your data centres. Take a look at some of the outstanding benefits below:

If your goal is to hire a generator, our mission is to provide generators, generator control panels and overall excellent data centre power for your IT supplies. Depending on the size of your data centres and how much power you need to supply the computers efficiently – we have flexible options for all customers.

Should you find that the base price is too expensive to pay off in one go, we grant customers adjustable contract terms. Whether you want a short or long-term contract or a small or large unit – we want to ensure that you’re in a comfortable position after making the purchase of a generator.

Additionally, if you feel as though there are any necessary upgrades that will benefit your generator experience for your data centre – Pleavin Power have an extensive range of added supplies that can become a necessary part of your power supply.

Our friendly team of professionals are here to account for your investment, so should you need any more additional information about the product to secure that a generator is going to benefit your data centre facilities – feel free to get in touch with us today.

How Can Pleavin Power Assist You Today?

The generators/equipment that we offer to you is just one of the many offerings we have for you. For example, if you want any services that can help the longevity of your generator, we will be happy to assist you in every way possible.

A generator is designed to last a long time. However, like anything, sometimes it can be unpredictable. Therefore, should you want any maintenance or repair services added on to provide added safety to your generator, Pleavin Power is here to help you every step of the way.

If you ought to have any more quandaries or concerns that will aid you in the installation process for your generator in data centres – do not hesitate to contact our team of experts today!

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For a detailed conversation regarding your generator needs or to schedule a site survey, feel free to get in touch with us via phone or by requesting a callback through our online form. We’re here to assist you in the best possible way.