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Due to the flourishing online world, the educational institute is becoming more and more advanced each year with its use of technology. Whether that is laptops, iPads, computer networks—you name it—there is a bigger demand for all of these devices across the globe within schools, colleges, and universities.

Not just the prevalence of technology all around the education sector will be affected, but the emergency lighting, for example, will not be able to work if the power fails. There are so many power supplies that you don’t often think about, but they can heavily impact your productivity in the event of a power cut.

Here at Pleavin Power, we understand that times are changing and the need for power supply within the education field is at an all-time high. Generator systems are one of the best alternatives for complete power, as they give you energy independence, so no matter the problem with your local grid supply, you will be able to keep your systems running.

We offer a range of generators for schools within our wide scope of products; thus, if you want a generator for hire or want to buy a generator outright, we have your school covered.

Why Does the Education System Need Generators For Schools?

The education system is one that Pleavin Power has massive faith in, and with a loss of power, not only are the students going to be stuck with no work to do, but it could also affect the teachers, students, and all other staff’s safety. Some of the main reasons why you need generators in schools in the event of a power cut are because it could:

    • Create unsafe temperatures for everyone in the building (air conditioning will be shut off)
    • It could stop the filtering of chemical fumes within university labs
    • It will disrupt lessons from being taught
    • Security systems could stop working (can’t leave the building)
    • Food safety concerns as the food preparation won’t be refrigerated properly
    • Potential damage to your electrical equipment could lead to legal and financial issues
    • All the risks above could cause panic and stress within the environment, leading to accidents


Without a sustainable and reliable power system, all of these risks can become an immediate reality in the case of a power outage. Whether it be caused by unpredictable weather conditions, malicious cyber attacks, or human error, for example, a trustworthy way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to mitigate the risk by investing in a reliable power generator.

All of this compounding damage can be stopped by making the executive decision to purchase a generator that will provide safety measures to deal with power outages effectively, and Pleavin Power is on hand to help you every step of the way to make the best decision for your building.

Generator For Schools: What Size Generator is Best?

Although each school, university, and college are in different locations and need opposing amounts of power depending on the amount of power supplies and many other factors, standby generators are typically what we recommend to people within this industry.

As standby power generators can supply backup power automatically and tend to be large in size, this will be the best option for the education sector. We’re not saying you need a power generator for a consistent power supply, but you certainly need one with enough power to keep all appliances running until energy is restored.

However, if you were to invest in a portable emergency generator, this may be great for certain appliances, but it won’t have the overall kWH (kilowatt hours) to keep all appliances functioning for very long.

This is why, when you get in touch with Pleavin Power, we will determine all factors and most likely diagnose you with a large standby generator for maximum backup power efficiency rather than primary power.

Benefits of Our Generators For Schools

Firstly, with our reliable and powerful generators for sale, the continuity of education will be maintained. Power outages can disrupt classes and administrative functions, affecting students’ learning, whether that be taking the register or showing them material on your smartboard.

Our models offer an unnoticeable yet amazing transition to backup power, allowing lectures, exams, and online resources to continue without interruption.

With Pleavin Power generators, safety is a top priority. Emergency lighting and security systems rely on uninterrupted power. Therefore, our generators ensure that these vital systems operate effectively, safeguarding the well-being of students and staff during unforeseen blackouts or emergencies.

Furthermore, another benefit of our education generators is that they protect valuable technology and data. In an era where digital resources are essential for education, they prevent damage to computers, servers, and research equipment. They also prevent data loss, ensuring that vital information remains unharmed.

Not only safety is considered with our products, but they will also reduce downtime and financial losses. By avoiding disruptions, schools save on potential costs associated with rescheduling classes and repairing any damaged equipment.

Buy With Confidence From One of the Leading UK Power Generation Service Providers

At Pleavin Power, we are one of the UK’s leading power generation service providers, always aiming to provide our customers with 24/7 help, 365 days a year.

Whether we’re providing our backup generator products for your school or supplying you with our necessary generator services, such as generator servicing and maintenance, emergency power supply, and many more, we have you covered in all areas.

Our extensive range of large generators for schools will give you the peace of mind to contact our team, and we’ll be more than happy to help at any time of day to begin the installation process.

We understand the frequency of power outages within this sector and do not want staff, teachers, and students to suffer the consequences because they didn’t have a backup solution installed in the first place.

Instead, we want to get the message out there so we can help as many customers as possible, and with our positive feedback from clients nationwide – we will be able to help you whenever we’re called upon. If you’re interested and want to see if we’re the right fit to work together, do not hesitate to get in touch today!

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