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Within this vital sector of our country, the protection that they provide us with is unrivalled. They safeguard our entire nation’s security and interests, ensuring peace and stability are spread across the UK.

They defend against external threats, deter potential aggressors, and support disaster relief. On top of that, they also drive major technological advancements and provide jobs, contributing massively to our economy.

Yet, with the unpredictability of their job responsibilities and the power requirements they hold, military generators are going to become integral when needing energy for defence, security, strategic-base/enabling functions, and many more.

Why Does the Military Need Generators?

In regards to why the military sector would rely on generators for power supply, there are several clear reasons. Firstly, military operations often take place in remote or austere locations where access to a reliable electrical grid, no matter the country, is limited or completely nonexistent.

If you were to install one of our military generators, it would allow your troops to establish power sources independently, ensuring your essential equipment, communication systems, and facilities can function efficiently when called upon. Because, especially in this sector, it is completely unpredictable when you’re going to need certain devices.

Moreover, there are not just the troops that will need reliable power supplies; there are plenty of other essential roles that people play in this field. For example, in combat zones, the ability to maintain a constant power supply is critical for mission success.

Generators here at Pleavin Power will offer you a backup power system in case of grid failure or deliberate disruption by opponents, ensuring that no matter what they do, operations will continue and troops will be able to use power when needed.

Not only that, but our models will also be paramount for field hospitals and mobile command centres, where your medical equipment and communication systems need uninterrupted power. In these frantic scenarios, generators provide a lifeline, supporting all your medical care, command, and control functions.

Here at Pleavin Power, we feel as though it is our mission to keep everyone safe during those confusing times, and our generators will be an integral part of military operations, guaranteeing power supply, troop safety, and safety in any environment, including remote or enemy locations.

What Are the Benefits of Our Military Generators?

Throughout our wide range of military generators, there are a selection of different sizes, fuel types, etc. to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a powerful unit or a small backup generator, we have you covered for whatever you need.

Yet, with the array of generators for sale, you must understand the benefits of our generators and what you can expect from them as our team of experts comes out for installation. Here is a list of benefits:

  • Power Independence: A military generator from Pleavin Power ensures that you have a self-sustained power source, crucial in remote or hostile territory when defending or attacking.
  • Mission equipment: It will sustain all of your equipment, communication, and facilities during grid failures or disruptions.
  • Security benefits: It will protect your sensitive military information and prevent potential data breaches.
  • Versatility: They are suitable for different military applications, from your field operations to disaster relief efforts such as hurricanes, floods, and many more if they affect your hospitals, shelters, etc.
  • Efficient generator: The military doesn’t require a specific fuel source – it can run on a range of fuel sources, meaning that when it comes to restoring, you don’t have to rely on one fuel type (unless a certain fuel type suits your needs).

The backup power or standby power that they can generate for you so you’re ready for anything that comes your way is essential, and if you don’t have your own energy source, it will be a major concern when the grid can’t supply the desired power output.

Instead of waiting for one of these disasters to happen, potentially causing life-threatening issues within your team, Pleavin Power has been fortunate enough to work with an array of different industries and now has the capability of supplying you with all your power generation needs, whenever you prefer.

What Military Generator Will Suit You: Size and Fuel Type

There is no questioning the importance of a solid power supply within the military. However, choosing the correct option from our wide range of generators will be paramount for consistent peak performance.

As you speak with our expert team, you will notice that the mission that you’re carrying out is what will be the determining factor for the specific generator we recommend. Here is what we often consider for your personalised needs:

Fuel Type:

Diesel generators can be a common generator type in the military due to the longevity of their energy consumption, and ease of refuelling. They are well-suited for field operations and can run on military-grade diesel fuel, which is always readily available.

Generators from our range that can run on multiple fuels, including diesel, petrol, etc, offer you flexibility in fuel supply and logistics, which is a key advantage for all of your military requirements, from military trucks and other military vehicles to communication systems in the background.


Generator Size:

When choosing a generator size, there are typically three that we diagnose: small generators, medium-sized generators, and large generators. Smaller generators (5-10 kW) are ideal for forward operating bases and field operations, where mobility and quick setup are feasible. What they’re great at is providing power to communication systems, field hospitals, and lighting.

Medium-sized generators (15-60 kW) will provide power to your larger field facilities, command posts, and support for smaller military units. They offer a balance between portability and power output, giving you the best of both worlds.

Larger generators (100+ kW) are used for base operations, maintaining energy for airfields and command centres, for example. These generators ensure a constant, high-capacity power supply is offered to you and your team.

However, in order to receive the best-tailored military generator for you, reaching out to our team so we can assess your situation will be the best option – as this will give you the greatest chance of receiving exactly what is required.


Why You Need Pleavin Power For Your Military Project

We have seen the impact that generators have had on other sectors, and we just knew that military generators had to be added to our list of products so that all troops and people surrounding these operations are as safe as possible.

We can only appreciate everything you’re doing for us and our country and feel like this is our way of protecting you when you perform at the highest level. If you think this will suit your operation, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team; it’ll be a pleasure to work with you!

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