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In this important field of work, patients and customers are reliant on getting the treatment and medication they need to recover from a one-off or reoccurring illness. Without the hard work of our researchers, developers and producers – it would be impossible to get treated adequately.

At Pleavin Power, with this being a niche that we understand is crucial for many people’s lives – we have realised the demand for these products needs to be nurtured with great precaution.

However, with the unpredictability of the energy sources that are being provided to you, power outages are becoming persistent – due to the rise in urgency for energy and power supply.

With this in mind, Pleavin Power is looking to provide our clients within this industry with excellent power alternatives (generators) – thus, you can take control of your power in the event of a power cut.

Why Do Pharmaceutical Companies Need Generators?

In regards to why do pharmaceutical companies need generators, they will be testing, producing and providing their customers with new solutions consistently. Therefore, without a dependable power source, their highly delicate construction processes will be disrupted and they won’t be able to produce results for the patients.

Additionally, with there being many subcategories within this industry – it will not only be one type of illness (or medication) that will be affected by a broken power source, but it will be all of them.

Subsequently, the pharmaceutical industry will be getting complaints from the hospitals that need the stock to provide to their patients. Overall, the companies that have their power systems in check will be the ones who succeed in times of despair. Patients will gain their medication and will continue to be happy with the hospital they’re going to.

We recommend that you control your power using generators as a pharmaceutical business instead of relying on the national grid for several reasons. If you use a generator, it is tailored to you – thus, you will receive the amount of energy that is required and will be monitored on a 1-to-1 basis.

Here at Pleavin Power, instead of using power sources that your entire local area is using (if a power cut occurs, you will have no control over when you regain power) – you will receive a generator that will provide emergency power and general power when others are experiencing a power shortage.

With us, you will receive specific advice on how you can monitor your generator, maintain it to sustain the relevant amount of power required and expert services so you can hone in on your business and leave it up to us.

Whether you invest in a standby generator, diesel generator, petrol generator and the multitude of other options we provide – we make sure that you stay ahead of the curve, year-round.

What Generator Do We Recommend For Pharmaceutical Requirements?

So, what generator do we recommend for pharmaceutical requirements? Well, with it being a large industrial team effort – we would recommend that you use any generator set with a high kW rating that suits your facility in order to maximise efficiency around the pre-production and production phases.

To emphasise more, depending on your ability to spend and the values around your company – we would recommend multiple types of generators for your use around the facility.

For example, standby generators typically produce a large quantity of power which is ideal for a facility such as a pharmaceutical unit. However, the price tag may be out of range in some cases, yet if you’re budget allows it – we would highly recommend this functional investment.

Furthermore, a diesel generator would be a more eco-friendly alternative as it reserves more fuel than most generators. Not only that but over time, they will be less expensive to run and if you find a diesel generator from our website that has high kW power – this could be the complete generator system for you.

Natural gas generators could also be another flawless power supply for your pharmacy with their environmentally friendly characteristics (these generators produce lower carbon dioxide emissions) and reliable, yet affordable power supply offerings.

Akin to the above generators, there are also more generators that we present to our clients in this industry – yet, these are just a few recommendations that will contribute to your manufacturing process and pharmaceutical production.

Will Your System Require Generator Servicing and Maintenance?

Yes, your pharmaceutical generator will always need serving and generator maintenance. Now, depending on your goal, whether that be backup power or the main power source – you may require less or more maintenance depending on how often you put your generator to work.

Keeping an eye out for your generator may seem like a task that you cannot handle while in the stages of creating wonderful medicine, treatment and many more for those who need it.

Therefore, on top of providing you with quality generators – generator servicing/maintenance and/or remote monitoring can be something we can add to your bundle to ensure that your generator is running efficiently at all times, giving you a hands-off experience for this section of your pharmacy.

Now, instead of worrying about what the severe weather conditions will do to your power supplied by the national grid, you will have a fully serviced and proven backup generator (or frequent-powered generator) that will keep your pharmacy running consistently.

Who Choose Pleavin Power For Your Pharmacy?

With our wide range of generators in many opposing models, along with a whole host of generator services – we are one of the leading power generation service providers in the UK.

Having a company that you can trust with your generator and have functioned at a high level in your niche for a long time, with professionalism, integrity and loyalty instilled in their mindset will contribute towards the confidence you have using a generator as a new power solution.

Additionally, if you ever need any advice on the services or generator you’re planning on investing on – our experienced team is on hand 24/7 to offer that to you with no hesitation. Contact us today via our email or phone number for more information!

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